Kroos’ confidence: “Rooney said ‘Man City won’? Look at last season'”

‘Didn’t you say the same thing last year? What was the result?’

Toni Kroos attended a press conference before the match between Real Madrid and Manchester City at the Valdebebas training ground in Madrid, Spain on the 9th (Korean time).

The two teams will play the first leg of the 2022/23 UEFA Champions League semi-final at the same place at 4 am on the 10th. 

The two teams먹튀검증 clash in the semifinal stage for two consecutive seasons following last season and compete for the final. Last season, Real advanced to the finals with a dramatic turnaround. 

“You have to play well against a team that usually scores three or four goals per game and then you have to score. I’ve played a lot of these games and I’m confident because of our experience,” said Kroos. 

Kroos was subsequently questioned about Wayne Rooney’s strong words in his The Times column that Manchester City would beat Real. 

“Man City will not just beat Real Madrid, they will utterly crush them,” Rooney said in his column.

He added: “I can’t be wrong. Man City are a team on a different level. They are real with experience and history, but you can’t dominate Man City. This is the year of Man City.” 

Rooney cited Elling Hollan as the basis for this prediction. Haaland has already scored 35 goals in the Premier League, making Dan the season’s all-time top scorer. 

Rooney said: “Real eliminated Manchester City a year ago. But now it’s different. Manchester City have improved their defense and become a more patient team. The biggest difference is Haaland. I lost. It would not have happened if Halan had been there.” 

“Real Madrid will never be able to play the same way. Haaland is a great fighter who likes to play one-on-one. I don’t think the Real defenders will be able to control him. Considering his speed, power and movement in the box, no centre-back in the world can do that.” You can’t stop him.” 

Cross listened to the question and said, “Well,” and laughed. He then retorted, “Don’t you think it will be the same result as a year ago? Last season, no one expected us to win the semi-final and win the Champions League. We did it.” 

He continued, “Those words don’t affect us. We couldn’t be more motivated than we are now. I don’t know if we can look like last season. The motivation is really great.” Kroos still respected Manchester City. “Last season I didn’t know Man City were the toughest opponents. Fortunately, we played against high-level teams. Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City are not easy to beat,” he said. 

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