Korea in the semifinals of two consecutive tournaments, top seed is possible in the 2025 tournament

As the Korean U20 national team led by coach Kim Eun-joong succeeded in advancing to the semifinals at the 2023 FIFA U20 World Cup, the group draw for the next 2025 tournament is likely to become easier. got this.스포츠토토

In the quarterfinal match against Nigeria held at Santiago del Estero Stadium on the 5th (Korean time) in Argentina, Korea advanced to the semifinals by winning 1-0 with Choi Seok-hyun’s header winning goal in the 5th minute of extra time.

South Korea became the first Asian country to successfully advance to the semifinals of two consecutive U20 World Cups by reaching the semifinals for two consecutive years following Lee Kang-in’s runner-up in the 2019 Polish tournament.

As the competition is not over yet, it is time to focus more on the remaining schedule, but it is worth noting that the achievements of this competition will have a positive impact on the upcoming competition.

The U20 World Cup assigns points based on the country’s performance in the last five competitions, and then allocates the group lottery seed based on these points.

The weighting of points for each of the five competitions is different. The more recent the competition, the higher the points.

For example, in this competition, 20% of the points earned in the 2011 competition, 40% in the 2013 competition, 60% in the 2015 competition, 80% in the 2017 competition, and 100% in the previous competition, 2019, respectively. done.

Korea, which received 4 points for placing 13th in the 2011 competition, received 20% of the 0.8 points, and 6 points for placing 8th in the 2013 competition, but earned 40% of the 2.4 points.

In 2021, the tournament was not held in the aftermath of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

Lee Kang-in of the U-20 national soccer team lost 3:1 to Ukraine in the 2019 International Football Federation (FIFA) U-20 World Cup final match held at Lodz Stadium in Poland on the morning of the 16th (Korean time). walking around and greeting fans. 2019.6.16/News1 ⓒ News1 Reporter Park Jeong-ho

So, the better the performance in the recent tournament, the higher the overall score.

In the previous competition, Korea recorded the highest performance in the history of Korean U20, receiving 13 points, and 100% of these were reflected as they were, adding 13 points.

Thanks to this, Korea earned a total of 21 points in this tournament, and was assigned to Pot 2, ranking 8th out of 24 teams advancing to the finals.

Through this, it was possible to be in an easy group with Gambia (Pot 4), which has no points at all as it has not participated in the last 5 tournaments, and Honduras (Pot 3), which has a total point of only 4.2.

Korea, which secured the semifinals in this tournament as well, is expected to rise even more significantly in the next tournament. This is because the score of the 2019 competition has been changed to 80%, reducing it to 10.4 points, but at least 10 points have been added in this competition.

Korea also failed to become the top seed in this tournament as it was only 0.8 points short of Italy (21.8 points), which received the top seed.

We will have to see the situation of other participating teams, but after advancing to the semifinals in two consecutive competitions, the chances of obtaining a top seed in the next competition will be very high. It is a privilege that you can have because you have consistently achieved top grades. Korea also failed to become the top seed in this tournament as it was only 0.8 points short of Italy (21.8 points).

However, competition points and advance to the finals are different. FIFA classifies the seed by summing points for teams that have confirmed their advance to the U20 finals.

It doesn’t matter how high the points are. To advance to the finals, the first step is to win the right to advance to the finals at the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U19 Championship, which also serves as the continental qualifier in the same year.

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