Klins Man-ho, who will reveal his color in A-match in June, ‘military training’ Kim Min-jae is uncertain

There was a variable when Kim Min-jae (27), a defender representing Korea, joined the team before the evaluation match.

The Korean national soccer team,메이저놀이터 led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, will have an A-match evaluation match against Peru on the 16th and El Salvador on the 20th. Coach Klinsman made his debut as a Korean coach against Colombia and Uruguay in March, and is expected to show his true colors in the upcoming A-match.

Most of the A matches in March were packed with members of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. It was an evaluation match that was played shortly after taking the baton, so it was not a perfect situation to understand the players. However, after that, coach Klinsman personally toured the K-League stadium and looked at the players, and even went to the European stage to check overseas players. Expectations are high that this time will show ‘Klins Man Table Soccer’ without regret.

But there are variables. It is unclear whether Kim Min-jae, the core of the Korean defensive line, will play. According to Min-jae Kim’s agency Orange Ball, he will enter the training center for basic military training in June, during his A match.

Kim Min-jae won a gold medal at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games and received military service benefits. Therefore, he only needs to complete 3 weeks of basic military training and 544 hours of volunteer work as an art and sports agent while immersing himself in the sport for 34 months. In the past, both Son Heung-min and Hwang Hee-chan received military training after the end of their club season. It is time for Kim Min-jae to go through that process as well.

He was originally scheduled to train in 2019, but at the request of coach Paulo Bento at the time, he postponed training by participating in the East Asian Football Federation (EAFF) E-1 Championship. Last year, it was difficult to enlist due to an injury.

Nothing has been decided yet. The Korea Football Association announced that it is coordinating with the Military Manpower Administration and Kim Min-jae to play evaluation matches and receive training as much as possible.

This is Kim Min-jae, who was rumored to have a disagreement with a member of the national team after the last evaluation match. For his stability, director Klinsman devoted his affection to Kim Min-jae to the extent of going to Italy and having a conversation. However, now it is time to prepare for the possibility of joining, which has become unclear due to problems outside of football.

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