Kim Si-woo and Oh Ji-hyun win the PGA Tour prize money of 1.7 billion at the honeymoon destination

Kim Si-woo (28) won the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour Sony Open held at Waialei Golf Course (par 70) in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA on the 16th (Korean time). He shot a final round 6-under-par 64 and a total of 18-under 262, beating Hayden Berkeley by one shot.

Kim Si-woo married Oh Ji-hyun (27), who recorded 7 wins on the KLPGA tour, in Seoul on December 18 last year. Kim Si-woo won the first competition after marriage. After the wedding, the couple rested at their house in Dallas, Texas, USA, and went to Hawaii last week to participate in a competition and honeymoon, and hit the jackpot.

After the third round, Kim Si-woo said, “I felt like I was on my honeymoon, so there was no pressure. After the game, I enjoy Hawaii while dating and eating delicious food.”

After Kim Si-woo signed the scorecard that day, he watched the rest of the game with Oh Ji-hyun and hugged after Berkeley failed to catch a birdie on the last hole and the championship was confirmed. And we lifted the trophy together.

Kim Si-woo, who started the game with a tie for 5th place by 3 strokes, caught a line birdie in holes 1 to 3 that day and rose to the joint lead. For Kim Si-woo, who was competing for the lead with Berkeley, the birdie on the 17th hole was decisive. In this hole, which is a par 3, Kim Si-woo’s tee shot went over the green. I left a formidable chip shot.

Just then, a cheer broke out. It was the noise of the crowd that exploded into the long-distance birdie putt of Berkeley, who was playing in the back group. Berkeley was the sole leader, Kim Si-woo was in crisis. Then he chipped a little less than 10m into the hole to birdie and clenched his fists.

In an interview after the game, Kim Si-woo said, “After hearing the cheers, I hit more confidently because I thought I had nothing to lose.” Oh Ji-hyun, who followed the match throughout the 4th round, must have been very happy.

Kim Si-woo put his second shot on the green from the fairway bunker on the last hole, a short par 5, and caught a birdie. On the other hand, Berkeley failed to put a short par putt of less than 1m in the 15th hole and failed to catch a birdie in the easy final hole, resulting in a reverse defeat. Kim Si-woo said, “I thought Berkeley would be under pressure if I made a birdie on the last hole, but it was like that.” The

prize money is $1.422 million (about 1.76 billion won) 온라인바카라

. said, “Jihyun came with me since last year, spent time with me, and did a gallery for me. Last year, I couldn’t go to Korea because I was attending competitions, but Ji-Hyeon had a hard time preparing for the wedding while playing her own game. At the Shinhan Donghae Open held in Japan last fall, Ji-hyeon walked along a steep mountain road throughout the 4 rounds, thanking her. This is my first match after getting married, and I am grateful and happy for coming with me. In a tense situation today, I was able to laugh with Ji-hyun and relieved my tension.” Oh Ji-hyun said

, “I was more nervous than when I competed. I am more proud of my husband because I know how hard he works as a player. It’s my first win, and I’m even more happy because it’s my first win after getting married.”

The new bride also said, “I thought it would be fun and fun, but I was nervous and nervous. After the victory was confirmed, she was hugged by her husband, and she cried.” Oh Ji-hyun also said,
“We plan to go to all competitions together in the future. I used to have to stay apart, but after getting married I don’t think about that, so I’m happy, and I’m the happiest right now. From now on, she thinks that she will work harder as a professional wife of Kim Si-woo than as a golf player,” she said.

Siwoo Kim is in his 11th year on tour. In 2012, he passed the PGA Tour Qualifying School as the youngest (17 years and 5 months). He came up to the PGA Tour at a young age and struggled. After being pushed back to the 2nd Tour, he got his first PGA Tour win at the 2016 Wyndham Championship. In 2017, he became the youngest player ever to win the ‘Fifth Major’ Players Championship. Oh Ji-hyun and I got married after dating for 2 years from 2020.

Kim Si-woo caught birdies in the first 3 holes and the last 2 holes of the day. He will participate in the American Express competition to be held in La Quinta, California on the 20th. It is a competition that Kim Si-woo won in 2021. So winning two competitions in a row after marriage is not just a dream. Kim Si-woo said, “If you cheer for me in Korea, I will play hard.”

Ahn Byeong-hun and Kim Seong-hyun are tied for 12th place with a total of 12 under par, and Lee Gyeong-hoon is tied for 28th place with a 10-under par. Senior tour players Choi Kyung-ju, Lim Seong-jae, and Kim Joo-hyung, who challenged the PGA Tour, were eliminated from the cut.

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