Kim Seong-tae “I’ve never met or talked to CEO Lee Jae-myung”

Former Chairman Kim Seong-tae of the Ssangbangbang Group, who is due to be repatriated tomorrow (17th), virtually denied the allegation of paying attorney fees, saying that he had never met Lee Jae-myung, the Democratic Party’s representative.

Former chairman Kim, who is staying at a foreigner detention center in Bangkok, Thailand, said in a phone interview with KBS, “There is no opportunity or reason to meet” about his relationship with CEO Lee.

He also claimed that he had never spoken on the phone, saying, “My life has been so devastated because of Lee Jae-myung.”토토사이트

Regarding the suspicion of remittance to North Korea, former chairman Kim explained, “At the time, there were many Korean companies in Dandong and Shenyang,” and “I gave personal money to do business.”

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