Kim Min-seon wins the WC women’s 500m overall on ice… Silver medal in the 6th competition

 It was a silver medal that was as valuable as a gold medal.

Kim Min-seon (24, Uijeongbu City Hall), the ‘Empress of Confidence and Confidence’, took second place in the last (6th) competition of the International Skating Union (ISU) World Cup in the 2022/23 season and won the overall championship in this event.

Kim Min-sun crossed the finish line with 38 seconds 08 in the Women’s 500m Division A (Part 1) of the 2022/23 ISU Speed ​​Skating World Cup 6th Competition held at the Rodova Arena in Toma Schup Mazowiecki, Poland on the 18th (Korean time) won the silver medal of

With this, Kim Min-sun finished the women’s 500m at the World Cup six times this season with five gold medals and one silver medal. Kim Min-seon won gold medals in all of the previous 1st to 5th competitions, and if she won the 6th competition, she would be the first Korean speed skating company to achieve the gold medal in all competitions in a single season and single event at the World Cup.

However, due to the combination of variables such as her physical burden and psychological contraction due to a false start, she won the silver medal.

Assigned to the 8-group in-course that day, he started ahead of her starting gunshot and was judged to be a false start.

The second shot showed a good start, and the first 100m was accelerated by running in 10 seconds and 49 seconds, but it fell slightly short of the record of 37 seconds and 90 yen in the 5th competition held at the same place a week ago.

Until her own race, Min-sun Kim ran first, beating Leirdam, Utah, Netherlands (38.14), but Vanessa Herzog (Austria), who played in the next group 9, passed the finish line with 37.96 seconds, and was pushed back to second place.

In the women’s 500m World Cup points this season, she scored 354 points, far ahead of Herzog with 301 points and Erin Jackson (USA) with 241 points to confirm the first place.

Kim Min-seon smiled broadly as she held the large trophy given to the overall winner of each event in her arms.

In fact, she was faced with a great physical burden so that it would not be an exaggeration to say that Kim Min-seon almost ran her mental strength 먹튀검증through this tournament. From November to December last year, she ran all 500m and 1000m in five international competitions, including the 1st to 4th World Cup and the Four Continents Championships. It was because he competed in the relay race.

Immediately after returning home, he participated in the Winter National Sports Festival, which was held as a pre-game, and hurriedly packed up and returned to Poland. He won a gold medal in the 5th competition and a silver medal in the 6th competition.

Considering that Kim Min-seon’s physical strength was exhausted after four months of non-stop marching, she won a silver medal as meaningful as a gold medal in the 6th competition.

Kim Min-seon, who has been reborn as the best sprinter in women’s ice skating through this season’s World Cup, will challenge her first world champion through the event-specific world championships held on March 2-5.

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