Kim Jong-bu in 2018 → Lee Min-seong or Lee Jung-hyo in 2023? The history of the promoted team rebellion 

The obvious ending is no fun. What kind of emotion 메이저사이트 would it be if only the winning team won every time? Occasionally, extraordinary things happen, and a reversal is worth watching. It is also the reason why we cheer for the ‘Underdog’, which has a low chance of winning. Anyone can see that they are fascinated by the thrilling process of standing up against their inferiority.

The topic of K-League 1 (Part 1) this season is the run of promoted teams. Fans are enthusiastic about the strong wind caused by Daejeon Hana Citizen and Gwangju FC. Those who won the opening game side by side did not feel intimidated by the fact that they came from the K-League 2 (2nd division). Even when he faced a strong opponent, he showed no sign of nervousness. Instead of coming down, he set a counterfire. The strategy that broke conventional wisdom worked. After completing the 7th round, Daejeon Hana is 3rd (4 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss, 14 points), and Gwangju is 5th (4 wins, 3 losses, 12 points).

In fact, the worry of the promoted team is ‘relegation’. Usually, they shout for the 6th round, but the fear of relegation in their hearts is unavoidable. Because he is less adapted to the higher leagues, he wanders at the beginning of the season. It is getting harder and harder to accumulate victory points, and the ranking is at the bottom. The players’ morale drops, the manager’s concerns deepen, and the fans’ anger grows. It’s a common pattern.

If you look at historical records, you can see the difficulty of ‘survival’. From the 2014 season when the promotion system was established to last season, a total of 14 teams tasted the joy of promotion, but 5 teams were relegated the following year. This is why the promoted teams have no choice but to rush to ‘remain’.

But not everyone is stumped. There are also teams that stand tall as the protagonists of the rebellion. The representative team is Gyeongnam FC. 2018 was the year of Gyeongnam. In the 1980s, Gyeongnam, led by coach Kim Jong-bu, an ‘unfortunate genius’ who suffered a scouting wave, created a sensation with foreign striker Malken. Along with the runner-up, they earned the right to participate in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL).

In the 2021 season, Jeju United and Suwon FC received attention. These are representative examples of well-matched teams and teams. The ranking competition was tough, but at the end of the day, they showed their determination and climbed to 4th and 5th place, respectively. It was the first time in history that a promoted team was in the top group of the 6th round at the same time.

Daejeon Hana and Gwangju have good chances this season, but it is too early to predict. The struggle for survival is not always easy. In fact, there is no team that is good at Division 1. In the long race with 38 races per team, you have to be consistent. It’s important to keep your cool even when you’re in a bad mood. The key is how to get through the gobi that will come someday. There are many cases in which they fell into abyss after receiving attention in the early stages.

Both Daejeon Hana and Gwangju cannot be relieved yet. Daejeon Hana, who lost their first match against Ulsan Hyundai, which was on a six-game winning streak in the opening season, is leaving for Daegu on the 22nd. Gwangju, which defeated Daegu FC 4-3 after a slugfest, invites Gangwon FC home on the 23rd. The opponent must have made a countermeasure through thorough analysis. The “attack forward” shouted by Daejeon Hana Lee Min-seong and Lee Jeong-hyo, Gwangju coach should be more delicate and clever. Only then can it resemble the storm of Gyeongnam in 2018.

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