Kim Eun-joong, who checked the European group, prepares for the U-20 World Cup ‘continue’ despite the host variable

On the 30th of last month, FIFA revoked Indonesia’s right to host the U-20 World Cup, which was scheduled to be held in May. Political and religious issues were the reasons. In Indonesia, when Israel advanced to the finals, anti-Israel public opinion was formed that Israeli athletes persecuting Palestine, an Islamic brother country, should be denied entry. Some strong Muslims even threatened to kidnap the Israeli athletes if they entered the country. FIFA canceled the tournament group draw a week before, and even stripped the right to host it.토스카지노

Kim Eun-joong, who won a ticket to the U-20 World Cup finals by tying for third place with Japan in the U-20 Asian Cup, which recently ended, was struck by the sudden cancellation of the venue. But there are no commas. Coach Kim, who was originally scheduled to attend the lottery, changed his direction and headed to Europe. From the 31st to the 7th of last month, I came to check Lee Hyun-joo (Bayern Munich 2), Lee Ji-han (Freiburg 2), and Cho Jin-ho (Fenerbahce) playing in Turkey. In the case of Lee Hyeon-joo, he was injured in his knee so he couldn’t watch the game, but he came to talk. Lee Ji-han watched the match and Cho Jin-ho watched the training. Manager Kim held a meeting with the directors of each club and sought cooperation for the selection. He came back with a positive response. Lee Hyun-joo and Jo Jin-ho are players who can solve the weakness of Kim Eun-joong, who is weak in midfield.

Then, at the end of this month, the players will be summoned briefly. As the K-League is in full swing, it is impossible to call key resources. Coach Kim plans to check mainly the players who have grown among the players on the list.

The situation is bleak. The venue and schedule are yet to be determined. Argentina is virtually confirmed, but no official announcement has been made. There is also a prospect that the opening date may be delayed even if it is held in Argentina. First of all, coach Kim is putting everything into preparation based on the original timetable of May 20th. These days, he’s focusing all his energy on player checking. Not only the domestic league, but also the FA Cup and B-team matches are not missed.

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