Kim Do-wan, the last supporter of Yonsei University guards attacked by injured demons

Kim Do-wan (176cm, G)’s confident play is giving great strength to Yonsei University’s thin guard. 

Yonsei University won 75-59 against Kyunghee University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at Seonseungwan on the Kyunghee University International Campus on the 29th. Kim Do-wan became a hidden contributor with 17 points and 3 assists. 안전놀이터

Kim Do-wan said, “There were a lot of injuries, so I took on number 1 and (Lee) Min-seo played number 2. He played like this for the first time this season, and he tried hard to do what the coach wanted. And he told me to do it aggressively, so I actively spread the fast attack, and I tried to shoot confidently even when I had a chance to shoot,” he said of his victory feeling. 

Yonsei University suffered its first loss of the season in the last game against Korea University. Since it was a defeat in a traditional rivalry, it must have come as a shock different from a normal one loss. How did Yonsei University players recover from the shock of defeat?

Kim Do-wan said, “After losing against Korea University after a tough match, the overall atmosphere went down. He said, “From the coach to Ki-gi hyung, we have to work hard for the remaining games.” At the same time, he seems to have tried to raise the atmosphere. It was a great source of strength for the director to encourage me even if I make mistakes and tell me to do it with confidence.” 

After the game, coach Yun Ho-jin said, “After we lost the match against Korea University, we called Min-seo and Do-wan to a meeting. While talking about this and that, I entrusted Dowan as the leading guard. Do-wan played well on this day, so I am positive about it.” Kim Do-wan performed like licorice. 

Kim Do-wan said, “The coach said that we had too many attacks, that is, set offenses. He said we needed more quick attacks. So it seems that he tried to take a lot of quick attacks like Minseo. He talked a lot with the guards on the court and played the game with confidence,” he explained.

As for Yonsei University, Joo-Young Lee and Chae-Hyung Lee are out due to injuries, and Ki-Sang Yoo is also injured, making it unclear whether they will play in the remaining games. The front line of players, which was already lacking, has become even thinner. This is the reason Kim Do-wan’s shoulders become heavier. 

Kim Do-wan said, “(Yu) Gi-gi tells a lot of good things about players who can’t play due to injuries, including his older brother. He tells us a lot besides what the director ordered. So I think he will have to keep thinking while playing and play well in the remaining games.” 

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