KIA, ready for the season… Aim straight at ‘V12’

Professional baseball starts this weekend.

The Kia Tigers have finished preparations for the season with the goal of winning their 12th championship.

Kia coach Kim Jong-guk 메이저놀이터revealed his goal of wanting to climb to the highest level this season in harmony with pitches and strokes.

Let’s take a look at the Tigers’ strength this season and predict their opening game lineup.

This is reporter Son Jun-soo.


A sharp breaking ball and a fastball that pierces the batter’s body!

Sean Anderson, the new foreign ace, shows that his adaptation to the domestic stage is over with his overwhelming pitch.

[“In the end, Sean Anderson completes 10 strikeouts.”]

Anderson, Medina, and Kia’s starting lineup with the strongest foreign one-two punch added weight with the addition of native left-handers Yang Hyeon-jong and Lee Eui-ri.

Lim Ki-young and rookie Yoon Young-chul are competing fiercely for the remaining spot in the starting lineup.

In addition, the middle pitching pitching by Kim Ki-hoon and Choi Ji-min, who improved their skills, is evaluated as the best in the league.

Even this season, the so-called ‘Na Bull’ trio, which leads to Na Seong-beom and Hwang Dae-in Socrates, is still alive as the center batting line.

The infield with Park Chan-ho, Kim Do-young and Kim Sun-bin has completed a reliable lineup equipped with mobility for salt water defense.

[Soundbite Kim Sun-bin/Chief of KIA Tigers: “All the players have worked hard to prepare for the season. The players have a strong desire to play baseball happily, so everyone is in a happy mood.”] Coach Kim Jong-guk, who finished baseball in one day last fall, said his goal is to win

. asserted that.

[Soundbite] Kim Jong-guk/Kia Tigers Manager: “We have always prepared for the highest level, and this year we are also running toward that goal. We will start running from the first game on the first day to achieve that goal.”] Towards our 12th

championship Kia Tigers advancing!

The Kia Tigers are scheduled to play their opening game in Incheon on the 1st of next month against last year’s champion, SSG Landers.

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