‘Keeping the victory’ Pirella .. ‘Keeping the teammate’ Lee Seong-gyu

In yesterday’s professional baseball, Samsung Pirella’s so-called ‘finishing hobi’ stood out by far.

There was also a story behind this defense.

Yesterday’s match between Samsung and Hanwha.

In the 7th, Pirella bursts into an exciting two-run gun.

It’s the first home run of the season.

Pirella’s work did not end there.

In the last defensive two-out situation in the ninth inning, 메이저사이트he threw himself to catch the hit ball.

However, there was a dizzying scene of crashing into a wall while sliding on a rain-covered ground.

“It’s more dangerous because it’s a situation where I just looked at the ball.”

The coach as well as the players watch with concern while delaying the ceremony. At this time, center fielder Lee Seong-gyu quickly approaches, unfastens Pirella’s belt, and quickly takes emergency measures.

[Lee Seong-gyu/Samsung]
“It looked like it was bumped into badly, so I ran right away, but since Pirella was in a bit of pain, I immediately thought of loosening the belt.”

It reminded me of first aid I had learned before.

[Lee Seong-gyu/Samsung]
“I suddenly remembered that I had received first aid training at KBO or when I went to the military… All I heard from (Team) hyungs was, ‘You seem to have done well in first aid.'”

Pirella finished the match with a play that did not hesitate.

And Lee Seong-gyu, who made a quick decision to fix the situation.

Wouldn’t it have meant more than one win for Samsung?

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