KBO Holds Business Presentation for Construction of Production Studio Environment

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) announced today that it will hold a business presentation to select a company to build the environment for the KBO Production Studio. The presentation is scheduled for May 12.토토사이트

The project is designed to build a space and facilities for the KBO to produce its own studio content in the office building (Dogok-dong Baseball Hall) where the KBO Secretariat is located. The company selected through the tender will be responsible for the demolition of the existing space for the new studio, temporary work, and basic environmental work such as electricity, air conditioning, fire extinguishing equipment, and interiors.

However, the construction of broadcasting equipment is not included in the scope of work. The business presentation will be held at 10 a.m. on Dec. 12 in the conference room on the second floor of the KBO Secretariat.

To help companies who wish to participate in the tender understand the project, the committee will explain the business outline and proposal writing criteria, and will also hold a question and answer session. Eligibility to participate in the bid is limited to companies that hold an interior construction business license.

Companies wishing to attend the business briefing must apply in advance by email by 3 p.m. on the 11th, stating the name of the company, the names of the attendees, and their contact information, along with a copy of their interior construction business license.

Only companies that attend the presentation will be eligible to participate in the tender. If the application to attend the business presentation is confirmed, the applicant will be notified individually. The number of attendees per company may be limited depending on the total number of attendees.

For more information about the project and the briefing session, please contact the KBOP New Business Team.

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