Joo Hee-jung “My heart is Boston, my head is Denver”

“With my limited knowledge카지노사이트, I can’t possibly predict a winning team. I’m not really good at matching things up. I tend to watch the NBA often, but ah, that player is really good… , like that play! I tend to focus on the strategic parts, such as whether I should try it out next time, or the movements of the players. Because of this, I can’t see through the various parts of each team like the maniacs do. I already don’t know much about the NBA, but I’m afraid that I’ll become a meaningless person after mentioning the wrong teams. ha ha ha… ”

Korea University coach Heejeong Joo (46‧181cm) waved her hand with a puzzled expression when asked to pick the final winning team in the NBA Playoffs, which is currently under intense interest. It seemed that the difficulty of the question was high.

“Anyway, even experts are often wrong when it comes to predicting the winning team. It’s not a test, it’s just my personal opinion. And what if it’s a bit wrong? Professional sports are not about making predictions and making mistakes while having fun. The coach is also a basketball player, so put on your arms for the interest of the fans

. ” Only then did the head coach open his mouth. “There is a team that I personally support. It’s the Boston Celtics. It’s not that I’ve been a fan in particular since before, it’s because the team has a player I want to cheer for. It’s none other than Jayson Tatum. I like his playing style, and after hearing his growth story, I started to like him even more.”

Jayson Tatum (25‧203cm) mentioned by the head coach is Boston’s current and future player. Along with Jaylen Brown (26‧196.2cm), he is called the league’s best ‘one-two punch’ and ‘swing man combination.

Tatum was born on March 3, 1998 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Her mother, Brandi Cole, became pregnant with Jason after meeting his father, Justin Tatum, during her senior year in high school. At the time, his father was a European league basketball player and left for Europe without knowing that Cole was pregnant. Cole was the heroine. A volleyball prospect in her high school days, she gives birth to Jason despite the disapproval of her peers.

Despite her young age, Cole takes responsibility for her own choices and gives her all to raise her son. Once she gave up a huge scholarship and dream of becoming a volleyball player, she went to St. Louis University to study law. She was there to raise Jason. She had no one to help. She couldn’t do postpartum care properly, and she didn’t have anyone to take care of her baby right away, so I took her to her classroom to take care of her and listened to her classes.

Even under those circumstances, Cole worked her miracle. She went through law school and became a lawyer while taking care of her children, working, and studying at the same time. Anyone can guess how difficult such a process must have been without explaining. Even when his body and mind were exhausted and in difficult situations, he always said good things to Jason and guided his son to grow up properly. His father, who found out the truth belatedly, said he returned when he was in elementary school and worked hard together after that.

As is well known, Director Joo did not grow up with his parents. His mother left him less than a month after he was born, and he was raised by his great-grandmother and grandmother. Forgetting about his father, he is said to have only had his face reflected once in a while. Even in such an environment, Coach Joo grew up straight, and after looking only forward, he left a big mark as a basketball player. Although he didn’t say it directly, heejeong Joo might have thought of herself in Tatum’s life story.

“Personally, I want Tatum’s team, Boston, to make it to the finals. In the Western Conference, I think the Denver Nuggets are strong. Not just me, everyone knows. Nikola Jokic’s form has gone crazy lately! It’s not enough to dominate the post area with various plays, so he passes like a point guard… , I think it’s a real monster because it’s overshadowed by its ordinary appearance and not outstanding athleticism.”

When asked who would win if Boston and Denver competed, “The picture with Boston winning and Tatum winning the Finals MVP would be the best, but that would be the end. It’s just a wish, but somehow I think Denver will win. No matter what team you stick with. The power is solid and the momentum is so good that I can’t picture it collapsing. My heart is Boston, but my head is pointing to Denver.”

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