It’s been 3 months since I left, and the remnants remain… Conte’s sniper “Tottenham is a club that only satisfies low cost”

Manager Antonio Conte shot Tottenham and chairman Daniel Levy.

Conte took over from Tottenham in November 2021. Conte, who took charge of European big clubs such as Inter Milan (Italy) and Chelsea (England), joined Tottenham and secured the right to advance to the UEFA Champions League in his first year in charge, but other than that, he did not achieve any outstanding results.

In the end, in March, manager Conte abruptly put down the Tottenham baton. It was decided while I left for my home country, Italy, during the A-match break in March. Conte was even bitter about Tottenham at a press conference before his sacking. Some even reported that Conte was not sacked, but that he ran away because he was disappointed with Tottenham.메이저사이트

In an interview with the Italian media ‘Calcio Mercato’, he made remarks that seemed to snipe Tottenham and Levy again. “My last experience at Tottenham left me with some positives and some less positives,” Conte said. Of course the experience was great, we did the best we could and gave everything we had,” he said. At Tottenham, I decided to be satisfied with less money.

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