It’s already been 2 weeks, newcomer coach Lee Seung-yeop “The era and baseball have changed”

“It’s so good. A lot of players work really hard, so it’s reassuring.”

Coach Lee Seung-yeop (Doosan), the ‘newbie command tower’, tries not to lose his smile as much as possible. He has about 50 days left until the start of the season, as the manager shouldn’t be looking nervous already. For the players who are still unfamiliar with it, he first jokes to create a soft atmosphere. The eyes hidden behind the sunglasses are sharp, but there is a smile on the lips. Occasionally, he rushes around to fill the lack of hands, such as playing fungo or helping with batting drills. He doesn’t mind raising the atmosphere with his loud voice and exaggerated reactions.

Spring camp is a process of preparing for long-term races. Players who took a break for about two months complain of a decrease in physical strength 10 days after the start of the camp. After 15 days, the actual battles, including Cheongbaekjeon, begin, and from this point on, both coaches and players become extremely sensitive. In the process of checking camp performance, entry adjustments are made inevitably. It’s a moment that neither the coach nor the players want to greet, but only a limited number of people can step on the first team ground. Since he is not unaware of this reality, director Lee deliberately leads the atmosphere in a more pleasant way. “Baseball has changed,” is what coach Lee thinks.

He said, “Since 46 players have come to Australia, it seems that there are still a lot of players. Fortunately, there were no injuries, so there is more to laugh about.” As if saying to himself, “Will there be an injury soon?”, but “All teams will work hard to prepare for the season, but our players have a different attitude to training. The veterans lead and the juniors follow, so the coach has nothing to do,” he joked.

I pretend to be relaxed on the outside카지노, but I can’t sleep at night. “Maybe because I have a lot of thoughts, I open my eyes at 5 o’clock,” he said. There are a lot of things to do, such as confirming entries, fostering backups, and finding alternative resources. From the 13th, core pitching resources such as Kwak Bin, Jeong Cheol-won, and Yang Eui-ji will temporarily leave the team to participate in the World Baseball Classic (WBC). The starting team, the bullpen, and one catcher should be immediately made into a sense of power. I have to prepare for the unexpected variable of injury, so my head is inevitably complicated.

Director Lee said, “In the past, coaches threw bats and deliberately created a stiff atmosphere in the name of discipline. But times have changed. Now, it is more important to create an atmosphere where players can develop confidence so that they do not get hurt. It may change once you start fighting, but it is much more important to give a lot of compliments.”

There are places to believe. I focus on managing the condition of the fourth hitter Kim Jae-hwan. He said, “When the fourth hitter collapses, the team shakes. Excluding the two foreign pitchers and the main catcher, Kim Jae-hwan is the constant,” he emphasized. The novice manager’s idea is to build a batting line with Kim Jae-hwan at the center and adjust the team color according to his condition.

Director Lee said, “I will still keep in mind the specific goal of ranking. What I can say for sure is that you have to advance to the postseason to keep the minimum amount of pride,” he said. “I sweat a lot in Australia to have a better season than last year. All players will work hard with one mind so that this sweat will not be in vain.” Doosan’s reconstruction has already begun.

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