“It makes me feel comfortable”… KIA Dominican fireballer’s KBO challenge, Tess-hyung is a reliable partner

“It makes me feel comfortable.”

Adonis Medina (27), a new foreign pitcher for the KIA Tigers, is the axis of the KIA mound this season along with Shawn Anderson.

Medina is from the Dominican Republic and has a sturdy physique of 185 cm and 84 kg. He had a 5.35 ERA with 1 win, 1 loss and 1 save in 19 major league games, and a 3.83 ERA with 36 wins, 33 losses, 2 saves and 2 holds in 135 minor league games.

Regarding the reason for recruiting Medina, KIA said, “Medina has a powerful sinker that throws a fast ball over 150 km and a deciding ball. He mixes and throws a variety of pitches, including a slider, changeup, and curveball. In particular, he is evaluated as having a stable control even at a fast speed.”

Medina steadily raised her body from the Arizona spring camp in February, USA, and entered the actual battle mode at the second camp in Okinawa, Japan, which has been in progress since the end of February.

Medina served as the team’s second pitcher after Anderson in the match against the Samsung Lions held on the 1st at Akama Stadium in Onna-son바카라사이트, Okinawa Prefecture On this day, Medina recorded 3 hits, 1 strikeout and 1 run in 2 innings. It was regrettable that he gave up 1 run in the 4th inning.

But Medina didn’t care much. It was a process of improving my condition now, and it was my first practice game with the KBO team. He focused on getting to know the other person.

Medina, who we met on the 1st, said, “I think I threw it very well. He’s as happy with pitching as I was for him. There was no big problem with the ball,” he said. “When I first came, I was not familiar with the KBO official ball, but now I have adapted a lot.”

On this day, his highest speed reached 150 km. Average speed is 148 km. His two-seam maximum velocity was 147 km. On this day, Medina picked and threw a fastball (2), two-seam (17), slider (3), cutter (7), and changeup (7).

Medina said, “It is not my goal to increase the number of pitches, but I am not satisfied with the current speed. I will work harder to increase my speed,” he said. “The sinker is my main weapon, and I will try to make it a good weapon in Korea.”

The 2023 season is Medina’s first season in the KBO. Medina’s Korean helper is Socrates Britto, who has been with KIA since last season. Socrates was also from the Dominican Republic. Socrates, who finished adapting to life in Korea last season with 0.311, 160 hits, 17 home runs, 77 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.848 in 127 games, is a reliable partner of Medina.

Medina said, “Because of Socrates, I am adapting quickly. Helps a lot. They give me a lot of support and make me feel comfortable.”

“I get a lot of help with food. They tell me what Korean food is like and what the culture is like.” “Korean food tastes just like the food in the Dominican Republic. However, it is the first time I have ever tasted such spicy food.”

Finally, “Individual goals are important, but it is important that the team produce good results. I will continue to work hard in the future.”

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