Im Byeong-wook, the first home run in 1658 days after overcoming successive pains, has now erased the injury from his head

Kiwoom Heroes outfielder Lim Byung-wook looked back on the home run he had hit in about four and a half years.

Kiwoom won 6-1 against the KIA Tigers in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 15th. Kiwoom returned to a win rate of 50% (6 wins and 6 losses) with 3 consecutive wins.

It was Lim Byeong-wook’s home run that brought about the victory. 토토사이트In the bottom of the first inning with a 3-0 lead, Lim Byeong-wook hit KIA rookie Yoon Young-cheol with two runs over the fence behind the right fielder.

It was the first home run in 1658 days since the match against Gocheok NC on September 30, 2018. Kiwoom, who widened the lead to 5-0 with Lim Byung-wook’s home run, continued the momentum and won 6-1. Lim Byeong-wook continued the season with 9 hits in 25 at-bats (1 home run), 5 RBIs, a batting average of 0.360 and a slugging percentage of 0.520 in 8 games of the season.

Lim Byung-wook, who we met after the game, said, “I hit it randomly. I asked for time because the pitcher and the timing weren’t set, but it wasn’t accepted and I hit it because it was a pitch. I didn’t know it would go that far. And I didn’t know it had been such a long time.”

Im Byung-wook, who said, “It feels new to be playing here,” said Lim Byeong-wook, who said, “It seems that the result is good because I consistently did my best on the ground as I always do. Coach, I am fully focused on the game while receiving help from the training part.” revealed

Lim Byeong-wook, who overcame numerous injuries such as hamstrings, ankles, elbows, and fingers after joining, said, “Actually, any player is injured and it is difficult to stand up again. It’s a pity. Now I’m trying to erase the injury itself from my head and create a sense of stability and stability.”

Ahead of this season, when asked what Kiwoom manager Hong Won-ki wants from Lim Byung-wook, he said, “It’s a long look.” A word that implies health and sexuality. Lim Byung-wook also expressed his determination for the season, saying, “I will work hard as I do now so that I can see the coach for a long time.”

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