“I’m angry. I’m angry” Multi-goal Ko Jae-hyun’s tears, the reason why Daegu can’t help but love him

“I’m so angry that what I prepared didn’t come out of the playground… I’m angry with myself.”

‘Daegu’s beloved young gun’ Ko Jae-hyeon (24) shed tears in the ‘Daepak’ mixed zone immediately after scoring a multi-goal against Gwangju and losing 3-4.

In the K League 1 round 7 home game against Gwangju on the 16th, 메이저놀이터Daegu lost 2 goals to Kim Han-gil in the 18th minute and Sandro in the 43rd minute, and Heo Yul scored a key goal in the 14th minute of the second half, losing 0-3. The moment the defeat deepened, Ko Jae-hyeon, ‘Gojagi’, flashed like a lightning bolt in the Daegu camp. He scored multiple goals in the 18th and 33rd minutes of the second half. “Go Jae-hyun!” The cheers dyed Daepak blue in the sky. In the 36th minute of the second half, Keita’s equalizer broke out, and the score was quickly followed from 0-3 to 3-3. However, in the 41st minute of the second half, ‘Gwangju Joker’ Ha Seung-woon took a blow and lost 3-4.In a post-match interview, Daegu coach Choi Won-kwon, who expressed deep regret over the loss, couldn’t hide his smile when asked about his ‘favorite disciple’ Ko Jae-hyun. He expressed his affection, saying, “A player I want to hug and kiss.” “He is a player who made a PK in a situation where we were losing in the FA Cup. A player shows his performance on the field. Jaehyun is a player who came up from the 2nd team and became the main pillar of our team. He is one of the players the team needs. I am proud to have become a player. I am really grateful.”

When asked how he felt about the match, Ko Jae-hyun, whom we met in the Mixed Zone, said, “We eagerly prepared well, but it’s a pity that what we prepared didn’t come out of the field. We followed the second half, but the pros have to repay the fans with the result, so I’m sorry that we couldn’t bring victory to the fans. ” he replied. When we talked about the burden of physical strength right after the FA Cup, he said, “It’s harder on the body than on the mental part because we can’t win the game.” He said, “I really want to win the next game.”

I wanted to answer calmly, but when I asked the third question about the hardships of being a striker, tears welled up. He said, “I’m trying to focus more, but I have a strong desire to win…” and couldn’t continue. He said, “I feel upset and resentful of myself because I didn’t come out as much as I prepared.” When asked what was the hardest part, he said, “There are fans who take the time to visit the stadium, and I always think that I have to win for the fans, but I feel very sorry for not being able to produce results. I have to do better, but it is very regrettable.” “It’s a pity and I’m angry. I’m really eager to prepare, but as a result, I’m angry with myself for not being able to show what I prepared on the playground.”

Throughout the interview with Mixt Zone, Daegu fans cheered in the bus parking lot outside the gate waiting for the players to leave work. It didn’t feel like a losing team. After the match against Jeonbuk, it was the 3rd game without a win, and there were no fans blocking or protesting the bus. Fans know. As if today was the last day, he poured out 100% of every match with all his strength, and showed a thrilling ‘fun’ match every moment, but there was no fan to criticize for losing. “Go Jae-hyun!” “Sejinya!” The name of the era resonated hotly in the spring night.

0-3, in a situation where frustration is likely to set in, the fighter breaks through the opponent’s defense with an ‘unbreakable spirit’, shoots only with spirit, and drives desperate multi-goals without missing the ball thrown by a colleague, showing Daegu’s backbone. Even after scoring multiple goals, the missed goals are more regretful, and losing is resentful and resentful. Even so, the ‘son of Daegu’ sheds tears because he is sorry for the home fans who cheer for him. It was like

On this day, Daegu players did not leave work for a long time after coach Choi finished the press conference after the game. A long team meeting ensued. Ko Jae-hyun hinted, “We talked about preparing well. Koh Jae-hyeon said, “I know this because I had a really hard time last year (relegation crisis). To avoid such a time, I have to prepare in advance. This year, I must not go to that kind of situation.

There is no time to be sad and no time to be upset. On the 22nd at 4:30 pm, the home game against Daejeon, who beat Ulsan, is approaching. Go Jae-hyun, who quickly wiped away his tears, courageously expressed his determination to win. “No matter which team comes, we just need to think more confidently about what we have to do and be more earnest on the field without being afraid of whichever team comes. We have captured Jeonbuk, but we can catch any team.”

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