“If you watch me defend myself… ” Admire watching the national shortstop coach, 21-year-old shortstop dreams of a day when he can defend a luxury brand

“When I see myself defending, I feel the difference.”

Samsung Lions infielder Lee Jae-hyun is a leader who will lead Samsung in the future. After graduating from Seoul High School, Lee Jae-hyun, who stepped onto the professional stage in 2022 with the first Samsung nomination, played 75 games last season and recorded 54 hits, 7 homers and 23 RBIs. He suffered two injuries, but his debut season gave him a taste of what his professional career was like.

The upcoming season is expected to be a field of opportunity for Lee Jae-hyun. Dynasty shortstop Kim Sang-soo left for KT Wiz, and all-round backup infielder Oh Seon-jin also left for Hanwha Eagles. Samsung is expected to complete the season with the system of second baseman Kim Ji-chan and shortstop Lee Jae-hyeon.

Lee Jae-hyun, who met with reporters before leaving for Okinawa, Japan, where the Samsung 2023 spring camp was set up on the 30th, said, “Last season, I was a rookie, so I didn’t know anything and it seemed like it ended without much thought.” He did a lot of flexibility exercises to avoid injury. He also worked hard on technical exercises and weight training. He added that there is not much pressure this season.”

Due to Corona 19, I had to prepare for the season in Korea last year. However, as Corona 19 is gradually resolved, all 10 clubs set up spring camp training grounds abroad.

Lee Jae-hyun said, “Last year, I couldn’t go abroad because of Corona 19. He wanted to go abroad, and he is very excited to go abroad. There is also a desire.  안전놀이터 I think I can work hard,” he said.

After the end of the 2022 season, Lee Jae-hyun tasted Okinawa hell training with Kim Ji-chan and Koo Ja-wook.

Lee Jae-hyun, who recalled that time, said, “I heard that it would be difficult even before going to the finish camp. It was really harder than I thought. They said this camp would be difficult as well,” he laughed.

Next to Lee Jae-hyun is coach Park Jin-man, who was called the ‘national shortstop’. Coach Park Jin-man’s luxury defense drew applause from all baseball fans. Not only in the KBO league, but also in international competitions, the national shortstop’s defense shone.

Lee Jae-hyun said, “There was a time when his coach personally showed a demonstration during the final camp. He felt that even though the coach didn’t exercise, the way he showed us was really different. I make it easy for you to understand. I thought that pitchers would be really comfortable if the manager was at shortstop.”

Lee Jae-hyeon’s dream is to grow into a shortstop who gives pitchers confidence like coach Park Jin-man.

He said, “No matter which pitcher comes up, he wants to be a good defensive player so that he can throw comfortably. In the meantime, there were many throwing mistakes and basic mistakes even though it was an easy hit. He tried to focus from start to finish, whether it was an easy hit or a difficult hit, from the finish camp.”

Lee Jae-hyun said, “They say it’s not easy to get an opportunity like this. I don’t want to miss the opportunity. I want to prepare well since spring camp and play more than 100 games as a shortstop.”

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