Ice Leaders Federation “Seongnam City must appoint a leader who meets the people’s eye level” Ahn Hyun-soo sniping

While Victor Ahn (38, Korean name Ahn Hyeon-soo), who played as a national short-track athlete in Korea and Russia, is promoting a return to Korea as a leader, the Korea Skating Leaders Federation expressed opposition.

The Skating Leaders Federation released a statement on the 13th, saying, “Recently, Victor Ahn and Kim Seon-tae applied for coach positions at Seongnam City Hall.”

Seongnam City Hall, which recently decided not to renew the contract with coach Son Se-won, posted an open coach hiring announcement on the 19th of last month, and Viktor Ahn applied.

In addition, former coach Kim Seon-tae, who led the Korean national team at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics and served as the Chinese national team command tower at the 2022 Beijing Olympics, also submitted an application.

The Skating Leaders Federation criticized, “Kim Seon-tae was the person who concealed the fact that Sim Suk-hee, who was absent due to assault during the Pyeongchang Olympics, could not come out with a cold.”

“Victor Ahn gave up his Korean nationality and became naturalized in Russia,” he explained, saying, “I knew dual citizenship would be possible.” However, it was revealed that he received a lump sum pension right before naturalization. After taking the money as a lump sum, he pretended not to know.”

The Skating Leaders Federation also said, “These two chose the Chinese national team instead of self-restraint when domestic leadership activities became difficult.” 카지노

“Seongnam City, the Mecca of Korean ice skating, should serve as a stepping stone to restore public trust and move forward by appointing a coach that meets the public’s eye level. Avoiding crises with lies and taking private interests instead of fairness is what a proper leader looks like. It’s not,” he added.

Meanwhile, seven people, including former coach Kim, applied for an announcement to select one coach for the ice team at Seongnam City Hall. Seongnam City plans to announce the successful candidates on the 31st.

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