“I want to be Alkaras!” 17-year-old prospect Noh Ho-young’s dream

A promising tennis player who dreams of becoming the world’s No. 1 player is sweating in the southern hemisphere 7,000 kilometers away, forgetting about holidays.

Reporter Suh Bong-guk met Noh Ho-young, who quickly rose from the 500th place in the junior rankings to the top 50 in Australia.

Two hours by car from Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia.

At Tralagon Tennis Court, the birthplace of junior stars, our slim 186cm tall player is in full swing.

This is Noh Ho-young, a 17-year-old prospect who competed in the J300 tournament, the prelude to the Australian Open junior division.

Last year, she won the Jangho Cup, the most prestigious student competition, and studied abroad as a scholarship student at the prestigious IMG Academy.

She showed unflinching prowess in the adult stage challenger competition, and within a year, she jumped from number 500 to number 49 in the junior rankings. 바카라

[Noh Ho-yeong / Ohsan GS: Foreign coaches are more specific in that they complement their weaknesses and strengths one-on-one, and they play with their strengths rather than their weaknesses and their own characteristics.]

Woo Sang, who dominated the world stage at the age of 19, ranked No. 1 This is Alkaras.

[Noh Ho-young / Osan GS: I want Alkaras to be aggressive and move quickly on the court, attacking at half a beat.]

The Tennis Association dispatches Noh Ho-young and Jo Se-hyuk to IMG and supports a tour cost of more than 60 million won for the next three years. I rolled up my arms to the back junior support.

[Jeong Hee-kyun / Tennis Association President: Ho-young Noh was sent to the United States as a scholarship student for the first time last year. I also qualified for the Australian Open. Now that I’m in my second year of high school, I think I’ll be in the top 10 by next year if I’m in my third year of high school next year.]

Starting with the Australian Open, the stage of my dreams, with fellow prospect Jang Woo-hyuk and others, I’m starting my tour life in earnest, which is not easy even for representative players.

Roh Ho-young, who forgot about the holidays, is still growing strong here, 7,000 kilometers away from Korea.

This is YTN Seo Bong-guk from Australia.

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