I couldn’t even recruit you? Man Utd considering Barcelona key midfielder as next ‘Captain’

Manchester United is considering Frankie The Yong, who has not yet entered into negotiations, as Manchester United’s next captain in the future.

British media Manchester Evening News reported on the 8th (Korean time) that “Man Utd sees The Yong as a future captain.” 

The Manchester Evening News said, “Man Utd is considering The Yong as a potential captain. There have already been reports from last winter that Man U are interested in signing the midfielder from Barcelona.” mentioned

“Man Utd is ready to make a serious offer for the signing of The Yong ahead of next season,” he said.

De Yong, the main midfielder of Barcelona, ​​is already likely to leave the team ahead of this season. Barcelona, ​​a financial crisis, at the time cut the weekly wages of some players, including The Yong, or promoted sales. However, The Yong chose to stay and remained at Barcelona.메이저사이트

De Yong, who remained in the team, proved his skills and established himself as the core of Barcelona’s midfield this season, and played as a key midfielder in 22 matches in La Liga alone. 

Manchester United has also shown a deep interest in The Yong even before the start of this season. Head coach Tern Hagh, who was appointed to Manchester United, wanted to recruit his former pupil, De Yong, to build Manchester United’s midfield. 

However, De Yong showed no interest in transferring to Manchester United despite the interest of his old mentor. He mobilized his agent and expressed his intention to reject the transfer to Manchester United, only expressing his willingness to continue his career at Barcelona.

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