I am inheriting the throne… ‘Barca’ Ronaldinho’s son-‘Real’ Marcelo’s son

He is succeeding to the throne. Recently, as Ronaldinho’s son joined Barcelona, ​​the star players’ attention to the second generation has increased.

Ronaldinho’s son joins Barcelona Spain’s ‘As’ reported on the 8th (Korean time), “Joao Mendes de Asis, who has been tested, will join Barcelona, ​​his father Ronaldinho said.”

It is the return of a legend. Ronaldinho is regarded as the player who revived Barcelona. He joined the team in 2003 and brought 토토사이트Barcelona trophies, including the UEFA Champions League (UCL). The shocking performance he showed during this time forever left the name of the ‘alien’ Ronaldinho in football history even in his short heyday.

His son also wants to follow his father’s path. Mendes, who can play as a striker or an attacking midfielder, is a talent needed by Barcelona, ​​which has regrets in the attacking line. Barcelona president Juan Laporta also did not hide his expectations in this regard, saying, “I am proud to be able to continue the Ronaldinho saga. His son Mendes will sign a contract with us, and he is a good player.”

With this contract, the attention of star players to the second generation has also increased. Spain’s ‘Marca’ reported on the 10th that the children of various legends are currently expressing their potential in which team. Several players were mentioned, including Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., who followed his father to Saudi Arabia, and David Beckham’s son Romeo Beckham.

Among them, the name Enzo Alves Vieira stands out. He is a promising striker on his way to becoming the top scorer at Real Madrid’s Infantil A. A year before, he made headlines by following the ceremony of Real Madrid superstar Ronaldo.

His father is surprisingly a defender. But given his offensive talent, his son’s performance makes sense. That’s Marcelo. Marcelo is a legendary left-back who has been at Real for 15 years and has only lifted the UCL five times. In his prime, his splendid dribbling and sophisticated kicks were one of Real’s main attack routes.

His son is also looking to become a regular at Real Madrid. Although he is still only 13 years old, Real Madrid are also struggling with the absence of a clear scorer other than 35-year-old Karim Benzema, so his name may be found at the Santiago Bernabeu in the future.

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