How did the word ‘team’ in gymnastics’ team exhibition come about?

The team event is a game in which teams compete against each other, not individuals. The group is written as ‘團體’ in Chinese characters or ‘団体’ as an abbreviation. It means that people gather for one purpose and form a set by using ’round dan’ and ‘body che’.

The word group is originally a Japanese kanji word. If you search the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, it appears twice during the reigns of King Gojong and Sunjo, who were influenced by Japan. In Japan, a group is a concept created after accepting Western culture after the Meiji Restoration in 1868. It is a translation of English ‘team’, ‘group’, ‘organization’, etc. Group is used together with the Chinese character ‘collective’.

The Korean media used the term “organization” since the Japanese colonial period. On September 5, 1931, Chosun Ilbo, an article titled ‘Niels · Pduk’s Completion of Inner Gyeong (先生)’ was ‘Chung (丁) Gymnastics Founder (體操創始者) Nils · Pduk’s party of 26 people. (氏一行二十六名) arrived at Gyeongseong Station at 8:50 p.m. on Friday, April 4, and had to enter the city and stay at the Joseon Hotel. From 5:00 pm (5:00 p.m.), the Gyeongseong Sports Complex is hosted by the Nils-Pukche Landscape Research Association and six organizations including the Gyeongseong Movement Reporters Club. With the support of the group, Mr. Pook gave a lecture and a preparation exercise for about three hours, including 『Tubbulling』, 『Pirami-de』, and others. After demonstrating the methods of various gymnastics, from the eighth hour of the same night, at the Gyeongseong Teacher Training Room, 『Jeongmae Uiseok (夕)”, the high-class Hanmu and fairy tale drama of the people of Jeongmae and the state of life and scenery of the people ) will be consul (映寫). In response, you should write down the contribution of Mr. Boseong High School Bogeum Boyeong (普成高普金保榮氏). I want to inform you of the origin of the name,” he said. It can be seen that the word group was used as a word to mean a group.

In the artistic gymnastics team event, the rankings are determined by adding all 6 events for men and 4 events for women. Men’s Artistic Gymnastics is based on six events: floor exercise, massage, rings, vault, parallel bars, and iron bars. Women’s Artistic Gymnastics consists of four events: vault, balance beam, double bars, and floor exercise. In the Olympic team event, 12 countries, men and women, will participate based on the world championship rankings. Due to the nature of the gymnastics event, the team preliminary round is required to determine the team finalists, individual overall finalists, and individual finalists. 먹튀검증

Athletes from countries that did not compete in the team event in the Olympic finals compete in the Olympic Games as individuals according to the world rankings of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), and form a team with athletes from other countries to compete in the team event. In the team event preliminary, a maximum of 4 players from each country participate in each event, and the 3 players with the highest scores are added together to determine the 8 countries that will advance to the final. Based on the results of the team preliminary round, 24 players will compete in the individual all-around finals, and 8 players will compete in the individual event finals. In the team event final, which is held again on a ‘zero base’, ignoring the results of the preliminary round, only three players from one country participate in each event and their scores are added to determine the color of the medal. Since there is one less player than in the preliminaries, even a mistake by one player will take a big hit in the score. There is so much excitement. Korean gymnastics has yet to win a medal in the Olympic team event.

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