Heungkuk Life Insurance belatedly… “Operational intervention, it was unacceptable”

Women’s professional volleyball Heungkuk Life Insurance, which is experiencing severe internal conflict, runs the remainder of the season under the system of acting manager Kim Dae-kyung.

On the 10th, Heungkuk Life Insurance announced that the newly appointed manager Kim Ki-joong would undergo a final examination for the managerial position and that the season would be held under the system of acting manager Kim Dae-gyeong, and officially apologized for causing concern during the process of resigning and appointing the manager.

Heungkuk Life Insurance has not had a good day in the past week.

On the 2nd, the club announced the joint resignation of manager Kwon Soon-chan and general manager Kim Yeo-il. It was practically rigid.

It became a big controversy when it was revealed that the reason for the hardship was because the club and the manager had a conflict over whether to intervene in the selection of players.

After coach Kwon Soon-chan left, he played a game against GS Caltex on the 5th as acting coach Lee Young-soo, but even acting coach Lee announced that he would leave the team after the game, causing a stir.

Heungkuk Life Insurance hastily announced on the 6th that it would entrust director Kim Ki-joong with the baton, but even this was not neatly concluded. Heungkuk Life Insurance, whose work continued to be messy, played the match against IBK on the 8th with another acting manager, Kim Dae-gyeong, acting manager system.

While the appointment of the official director was continuously delayed for unclear reasons, Heungkuk Life Insurance announced on the afternoon of the 10th that “Director Ki-joong Kim, who was appointed on the 6th, has conveyed his intention to finally decline the directorship after careful consideration.”

According to Heungkuk Life Insurance, coach Kim Ki-joong said, “It is a difficult position to be trusted even inside and outside the volleyball world, and the current situation that can cause various misunderstandings is a burden. I don’t think it will work,” he said, explaining the reason for his resignation.

Subsequently, Heungkuk Life Insurance issued an official apology on the same day, bowing its head to fans.

Heungkuk Life Insurance said, “We apologize for causing concern to the fans who have loved volleyball and Heungkuk Life Insurance club due to the club’s controversy over intervention in the game operation, the resignation of the manager, and the sudden replacement. I bow my head and convey my apology to the field and coaching staff.” 안전놀이터

After diagnosing that “the recent situation is the result of interest and affection for volleyball being expressed in the wrong direction of intervening in game management,” he said, “It is clear that this can never be tolerated and cannot be repeated. We will thoroughly block the intervention and fully respect the director’s inherent authority.”

Lastly, Heungkuk Life Insurance promised to reestablish the culture of the Heungkuk Life Insurance volleyball team that respects the ‘autonomy of game management’ and to operate the club without disappointing fans, saying, “I will use this as an opportunity for blessings and blessings.”

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