Heredia Passionate Home Rush Why was it corrected to Gwiru… The ball boy mistake that almost turned the tide

Why did Guillermo Heredia go home?

SSG Landers took a 5-3 lead with 4 points in the 5th inning against the LG Twins at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 26th. In the 5th inning, lead batter Choo Shin-soo walked, Choi Ji-hoon hit left-handed, and Choi Jeong-i walked to secure a chance to load the bases safely, and all runners on base scored at this time. Heredia balanced with two RBIs on time.

After one shot,메이저사이트 Oh Tae-gon’s right-handed ball led to a double, and Choi Jeong scored. At this time, Heredia also rushed to the home. However, the referees declared Heredia to return to third base. This is because Oh Tae-gon’s batted ball was touched by a ball boy in right field.

LG applied for a video review to determine whether this ball was fouled, but the result was a centrifugal hold. The scene where the line was hit and bounced was clearly visible on the slow screen.

After declaring a pair, referee Park Ki-taek explained that the ball was dead due to the interference of the ball boy, and Heredia was returned.

This is governed by Baseball Rule 6.01 Interference, (d) Unintentional Interference of Upstruction.

The rule states, “If a person allowed to enter the field interferes with the game, the ball is in play unless the interference is intentional. However, offensive team players participating in the game, or coaches or referees in the coach’s box are exceptions. (Interference by referees) (See 5.06(b) for interference) When the interference is intentional, the ball is dead and the umpire determines what the game would have been like without the interference and takes action to remedy the penalty caused by the interference (6.01b, 5.09). (See ⒝⑶)”.

In the following ‘Wonju’, a situation when a bat boy or a ball boy touches the batted ball is cited as an example. The situation from Jamsil on the 26th corresponds to this.

This rule states, “If a bat boy, ball boy, policeman, etc. avoids contact with a batted ball or thrown ball and then touches it, it is not considered intentional interference. However, it is not considered intentional interference by picking up, catching, or intentionally pushing or kicking the ball . The act of giving constitutes intentional obstruction. KBO stipulates that if the ball boy’s body in the outfield and any equipment (including a chair) hit by the ball boy’s body are hit, two bases are given regardless of intention. ” did.

It was a disappointing situation for SSG, but Heredia eventually stepped home when Seong-Han Park grounded first base. It was SSG’s fifth goal.

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