Head coach Lee Young-soo leaves with the command tower… “Sorry to the players”

Head coach Lee Young-soo, who filled the void left by manager Kwon Soon-chan, is also leaving Heungkuk Life Insurance.

Heungkuk Life Insurance 3-2 (21-25 25-19 25-18 21-25 15-10) to GS Caltex after a full set match in the 4th round home game of the ‘Dodram 2022-23 V League’ women’s division held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 5th. won with

Heungkuk Life Insurance, who secured 44 points (15 wins, 4 losses) with 3 consecutive wins, narrowed the gap with the leading Hyundai Engineering & Construction (48 points, 17 wins, 2 losses) to 4 points.

On the 2nd, former coach Kwon was hard for an unknown reason, and the game was played in a cluttered atmosphere, but Heungkuk Life Insurance players did not give up until the end and won a valuable victory.

But the joy is short-lived. Head coach Lee, who led the team as acting manager, announced his intention to resign after the game.

Head coach Lee said, “It’s fortunate that the players took good care of the atmosphere and practiced as they practiced.” . 안전놀이터

Head coach Lee, who arrived at the stadium and informed the club of his intention to resign, explained, “Even the players don’t know. But I’ve been thinking about (resigning) for a long time.”

Head coach Lee also assisted former coach Kwon in the men’s KB Insurance. Former coach Kwon highly evaluated the ability of the head coach, and when he was appointed as the head coach of Heungkuk Life Insurance, he kept the head coach by his side again.

When the head coach became the victim of an absurd situation, the head coach was also quite shocked. Originally, on the 2nd, he tried to leave the team together, but Kwon, who said that it would be difficult for the team if the manager and head coach left together, took over as acting manager.

Head coach Lee said, “I learned a lot from coach Kwon.”

The players were also quite shocked by the news of their resignation. Kim Yeon-kyung and Kim Hae-ran could not hide their surprise when they heard this story through the reporters.

Kim Yeon-kyung said, “The players are also embarrassed. I prepared in the midst of hardship and the results were good,” she said, expressing regret, saying, “I don’t know how much I have to endure.”