He changed his hair color and was very proud… Na Kyung-bok, who is about to enlist, only looks at winning

Woori Card’s native ace Na Gyeong-bok burned 토토사이트 his enthusiasm for the championship. The last season before enlistment. He only dreamed of a pleasant moment to share the joy of winning with his teammates.

Woori Card qualified for the championship by confirming advancement to the postseason (PS) for 5 consecutive seasons. As of the 14th, they are in 3rd place with 55 points (19 wins, 16 losses).

While KEPCO (53 points) is in 4th place by 2 points, the final result of the regular league will determine whether the 3rd place Mercury and semi-playoff (quasi-PO) will be concluded. In the V-League, if the difference in points between 3rd and 4th places is 3 points or less, a semi-PO will be held.

On the 13th, Na Gyeong-bok, whom we met at Woori Card’s training ground Incheon Songrim Gymnasium, was dyed in bold white and had a somewhat unfamiliar appearance.

Na Kyung-bok said, “I went to get a haircut yesterday, but my wife asked me to try (dyeing) before enlisting. My wife also picked the color for me.”

When asked that he looked similar to his teammate and junior Kim Ji-han, he replied, “It’s a subtly different color. It was awkward at first, but it’s okay now.”

Na Gyeong-bok will receive basic military training on the 24th of next month. After that, he digests military service as a full-time reserve.

He won’t be able to see his daughter, who is less than two years old, for the time being. Na Gyeong-bok said, “Since his daughter was born, he hasn’t seen me for over a month.”

Na Kyung-bok, who cannot spend the next season with Woori Card. That’s why his desire to win this season is greater than ever.

In particular, Woori Card was on the stage of the first championship match of the 2020-21 season, but unfortunately lost to Korean Air after a game that lasted until the final 5th game.

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