‘Hanwha’s hope’ Moon Dong-ju, already 151km per hour

20-year-old pitcher Moon Dong-ju, who is called the future of Korean baseball and the hope of Hanwha, is raising expectations with powerful pitches that exceed 150 km/h from the start of spring camp.

This is Reporter Yoo Byung-min.


Moon Dong-ju started his first bullpen pitching at Hanwha’s Arizona camp, and while coach Subero watched, he threw heavy fastballs one after another.

The highest speed was recorded at 151 km/h안전놀이터 .

It’s his first day so he’s thrown with about 70% power and still got over 150km.

[Moon Dong-joo/Hanwha Pitcher: It was my first bullpen pitching, so I tried to do it without much effort. The weather is really nice, and the conditions to exercise are really nice.]

Moon Dong-ju, who has thrown fiery fastballs in the mid-150km range since high school, debuted last year after receiving the first overall nomination, but has not played many games due to injuries two times. I couldn’t do it, and I left a shabby record of 1 win and 3 losses.

Still, he gave hope by showing a powerful pitch at the end of the season.

[Moon Dong-ju/Hanwha Pitcher: I tended to push a lot with force, but I tried to mix a lot of breaking pitches and fight a lot with timing, but I think that part has improved a lot.

] I have the qualifications to take on the challenge, and based on my disappointing experience last year, I am determined to repay the fans’ expectations with the mindset of a real rookie.

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