Gwakbin “Native No.1 is still… It has to be three years.”

After his awakening in the second half of last year , he pitched
in every crisis in June, and contributed to the team’s 6 wins
. He’s said he’s been sluggish in his last three games, but he’s still doing great. He has an earned run average of 2.44, which ranks first among domestic pitchers and fourth in the entire league. Like last year, this season’s average ERA match seems to be a competition between foreign aces and An Woo-jin. If you turn your gaze slightly outward, the aspect changes slightly. Although he has not yet reached the top of the rankings as he has not filled the required number of innings (84 innings), the momentum of Doosan’s Gwak Bin (24, photo) is frightening. He is averaging a 2.08 earned run average in 65 innings. Right after NC Eric Peddy (1.73) and teammate Raul Alcantara (2.03). Although he only made 12 starts, he has already won 8 games, leading the team in most wins in the country. The WAR (contribution to victory versus substitute players based on stats) also rose to 2.54, ranking 10th among all pitchers.

Before Doosan’s winning streak, Kwak Bin appeared at every crisis moment in June. He acted as a ‘loss stopper’ and prevented the team from falling. In early May, he voluntarily came down from the mound complaining of back pain while pitching. Doosan won all six games in which Kwak Bin started before NC on May 31. Gwak Bin Gae-in also won all but one game before his comeback. Regarding his recent winning streak, Kwak Bin said, “I was very lucky. He is only throwing according to the catcher’s sign,” he said, “but the experiences of last year and the year before last seem to be working out.” As his experience accumulated, he gained confidence and was able to throw his own ball without wavering.

The biggest difference in Kwak Bin’s pitching this season is that he greatly increased the curve ratio. He raised his curveball percentage from 11.4% last season to 19% this year. From the second half of last year, his performance started to improve as he increased his curve, and this year he is throwing as a clear main weapon. He cannot ignore the ‘both will effect’ either. Gwak Bin said, “I don’t throw more than 3 of the same pitch, but (Yang) Eui-ji will order 3 or 4 of the same pitch if he wants to. He’s learning that there are ways to throw like this.”안전놀이터

Kwak Bin is the same age as Ahn Woo-jin and is a motive for joining the pro team. He shook his head when asked if he was greedy for the title of the best selection in the country. His earned run average record is meaningless as he has yet to fill regulation innings, he said. Kwak Bin said, “Shouldn’t you think about grades and titles after doing well for at least three years?” It was last year that Kwak Bin awakened as an ace. He was also selected for the WBC national team based on his great performance in the second half. If we apply his ‘3-year standard’, the next year is the ‘promised year’. Kwak Bin replied in a calm voice to the words, “If I do well by next year, I will be able to show my greed.” “I’ll see you after the season next year.”

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