Guardiola: “If Man City is relegated? Like Dickov (legend in the third division)”

Coach Pep Guardiola (52) revealed his intention to protect the team. 

Manchester City is ahead of the match against Aston Villa in the 23rd round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022/23 season to be held at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, Greater Manchester, Northwest England on the 13th (Korean time). 

Manchester City have been at the center of the news this week. This is because the EPL secretariat indicted Manchester City for violating financial rules and refusing to cooperate. Manchester City are taking legal action against them. 

In this situation, Guardiola was 토토사이트asked a related question at the Villa match press conference. On the same day, according to the British media’Manchester Evening News’, Guardiola was lucky, saying, “The incidents that happened in the past week are the same as when we were indicted (not guilty) by the European Football Federation (UEFA).” 

“Personally, I consider myself lucky to live in a society of presumption of innocence, but Manchester City is an exception, because everyone condemns us, presumption of guilt. Reports that I’m leaving the team in this situation? I’m not leaving. “he said. 

Some say Manchester City could be relegated if the allegations are accepted, albeit with a small probability. Regarding this, Guardiola said, “If we are punished and relegated? Like Paul Dikoff. I will put the team back.” Man City were in the Third Division in the 1998/99 season. At the time, Man City played the final promotion play-off against Gillingham FC. In the 49th minute of the second half, Dickov’s dramatic equalizer, which made it 2-2, led the game to a penalty shootout and eventually promoted to the second division. Since then, Manchester City has been promoted to the first division and has become a winning club. Guardiola expressed his intention to defend the team even if it was relegated and bring it back.

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