From injury to rumors of retirement, ‘talent of misfortune’… Turning point for Lee Kwang-hyeok

“I think it’s a turning point. We have to work hard to go in a good direction.”

Lee Gwang-hyeok (28, Suwon FC) said this about the meaning of the upcoming new season. It is because he chose ‘change’ through his first transfer in the 10th year of his professional debut. He suffered from frequent injuries and had not been able to blossom his talents, so it was a choice that had a special meaning. He said, “It’s a year of many changes. I think I’ll have to work hard and prepare more.”

In fact, Lee Kwang-hyeok was picked as a ‘talent’ who would be responsible for the future of Korean soccer in his childhood. He was the most noteworthy prospect on the youth stage while going through the Pohang Steelers youth, Pocheol Middle School and Pocheol High School. Dribbling and skill using his quick feet and left foot, and 카지노even his short stature. In front of his name, the modifier ‘Pohang Messi’ was naturally attached. Fans had high expectations for this type of show that had been difficult to see in the past.

However, his talent never blossomed. He made his professional debut by joining Pohang right after graduating from high school, but big and small injuries plagued him at crucial times. When he played, he flashed through, but his injuries meant he spent more time off the pitch than on the pitch. At some point, his most notable talent turned into ‘talent of misfortune’.

10 years since his professional debut. Eventually, he left Pohang ahead of the new season and moved to Suwon FC. It has been 15 years since he wore a uniform with the emblem of a club other than Pohang, including during his Pohang youth days. As a youth born, he had a great attachment to the Pohang club, so the transfer to Suwon FC was a ‘decision’ this was what was needed. It was also a desperate choice to the extent that he himself made this season a turning point.

Lee Kwang-hyeok said, “I had a lot of injuries while in Pohang. There were many times when I thought, ‘Isn’t it right for me?’ Still, I was curious about how I would look in other places and what kind of play I would play. I am preparing a lot because I want to show good soccer.”

Due to his frequent injuries, he was even rumored to be retiring. It was because there was a time when I had to stick to rehabilitation only through one season. Lee Kwang-hyeok said, “At first, I had surgery because my knee was not good, and after injuring my Achilles tendon last year, it seems that there were rumors of retirement because of a serious injury.” He helped me a lot to make it happen,” he said.

No matter how careful one is, injuries are unavoidable, but Lee Kwang-hyeok asserted, “I think it’s an excuse to say that injuries are unavoidable.” This is because he himself experienced experiences in which ineffective overzealousness led to injuries. He laughed and said, “Even if I worked too hard on my body, there was a problem. I thought that I would get better by exercising a lot, but it actually led to an injury. I learned a lot through that process. I think I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with my body now as I’ve been looking for a way.” seemed

Since this is the first transfer itself since debut, it is a time when more effort is needed. He is struggling to adapt to Suwon FC’s new tactics and culture through winter training. Lee Kwang-hyeok said, “There are things we need to adapt to both football and life. (Kim Do-kyun) is trying to quickly adapt to what the coach demands and what the team wants.” “Suwon FC is the complete opposite of Pohang. I play football with my inclination. If I adapt well, I think I can make a lot of good scenes.”

We also set goals for this season. More than 10 attack points, and going up to the end of the year K League 1 awards ceremony that I have never attended. Fortunately, the injury problem that plagued him so far has been completely erased. He is waiting for the start of the new season as he has finished his winter training well.

Lee Kwang-hyeok said, “As a striker, I think you need to score more than 10 attack points so that the team can go in a good direction. I hope it will be,” he said.

He continued, “It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t regretful about the past times. But I learned a lot from it, and I think I still have a lot of time to do it.” I am preparing with the mindset that it is right to show off and retire.”

There is another reason why Lee Kwang-hyeok’s will for the new season is bound to be different. Because now he should be a proud husband and a proud father. He married a hundred years last year, and he has a new baby and is now preparing to become a father. This leads to a huge sense of responsibility.

Lee Kwang-hyeok said, “Now I wonder if I can just play soccer well (laughs). It’s a job that attracts attention, so my wife and parents sacrificed a lot. My wife went through a difficult time together for nearly four years. In the end, I have to do well to smile. Responsibility. “I always have a lot,” he said.

“Actually, I’m not a nationally known player in the K-League. Still, I want to let people know that ‘there was such a good player’ this season, and I want to hear that I play good football that is fun to watch,” he said. I am preparing harder as much as I have. This season, I will show you a different side of me than before.”

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