From a 24-year-old next-generation giant to a 150-kilometer secret weapon… Yeomgalang still has a hidden card.

A commanding first place, six and a half games ahead of second-place KT Wiz. However, there are still cards up their sleeve.

LG Twins manager Yoon Kyung-yeop is considering pitcher Yoon Hoseol Lee Sang-young and infielder Song Chan Seo for the September expansion roster. Of the two, Son Ho-young is already on the first team.

Yoon is the compensation for “9 billion free agent” Chae Eun-sung (Hanwha Eagles). He was handpicked by coach Yeom. Immediately after his selection, Yoon put him on an intense diet. He hasn’t pitched for the first team this season. However, he has appeared in 22 games for the Futures, pitching 18⅔ innings and posting a 4-2 record with three saves and a 2.89 ERA.

Yoon said, “He still needs to lose more weight. He weighs more than 30 percent more than when he was pitching at his best.” “He needs to find his high school weight. “He needs to find his weight in high school so that he can pitch without injury.

Lee Sang-young also didn’t find the quick redemption of his enlistment. He made two first-team starts after his discharge, but didn’t live up to expectations, allowing two runs in four innings and three runs (two earned) in 1⅓ innings. He is expected to start pitching in second-team games soon in hopes of joining the first team at the end of the season. “If he can improve his velocity, I’d like to use him in the postseason,” Yeom said.

LG has canceled a total of 14 games due to rain this season. That’s still within the expected range. Yeom wants to finish the regular season in September if possible.

Without Moon Bo-kyung during the Asian Games, it’s a three-way battle at third base between Kim Min-sung, Jeong Ju-hyun and Son Ho-young.

So far, the weight is on the side of the veteran Kim Min-sung. “If you look at defense, Jeong Joo-hyun is better,” Yeom said, praising his light footwork. However, in terms of overall offensive and defensive balance, Kim Min-sung is better. “Another dark horse is Son Ho-young, who is said to have improved his defense.안전놀이터

Song Chan-ui and Seo Geon-chang will also be a factor in the infield competition at the end of the season. Yeom wants more depth than anyone, emphasizing the “double must-win group. He wants LG to be at full strength and challenge for its first title in 29 years.

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