‘Former Bucheon Idol’ Kim Ji-young, wearing a uniform, “Ceremony in Bucheon? Of course we should!”

One week of team training. Kim Ji-young, who was a ‘Bucheon idol’ and ‘Hana 1Q energy’, is perfectly adjusting to her new team, Shinhan Bank.

Gunadan Shinhan Bank coach also expressed great satisfaction early on, saying, “I recruited him because I thought he was a player that matched our team color rather than the detailed growth of the team’s functional parts, but it exceeded my expectations.”

Kim Ji-young said,안전놀이터 “The atmosphere of the team is so bright and lively. I thought that their energy was not inferior to anyone, but Shinhan Bank’s tension is high, and all the players are active. They are talking together and shouting “fighting” so much that I can’t pick anyone. He said that his adaptation to Shinhan Bank was “perfect.”

He said, “Since I was only at Hana 1Q after my professional debut, I didn’t know the training methods and atmosphere of other teams. However, Shinhan Bank started basketball training right on the first day of returning from vacation. There were also players taping. It’s the first time I’ve seen it start. Usually, on the first day, it was focused on building up the hip joint or body, but it was a new experience, “he said of his first impression of Shinhan Bank’s training.

Currently, Kim Ji-young is recovering from metacarpophalangeal joint surgery. He hadn’t fully healed his finger yet. But he already participated in training.

He explained, “Last month, I had a little trouble with running training, but now it’s okay. Now I’m doing all the defense exercises. However, I’m fine with dribbling because of the angle of my fingers, but I can’t shoot and pass, so I’m not participating in attack practice.”

First transfer after professional debut. It is the first time that I have changed teams since I was born. In the new season, he has to face off against Hana 1Q, who he had previously worked on. Kim Ji-young, who said she cried when she heard the news of the transfer, quickly erased the memory of ‘Hanawon Q Kim Ji-young’.

Kim Ji-young said, “When I debuted as a pro, one of my biggest goals was ‘One Club Man’. I am proud that my loyalty to the company was higher than anyone else’s. It is true that I made a choice. I was really grateful until May 7th, and from the 8th I am living as ‘Kim Ji-young of Shinhan Bank’.”

He continued, “If we do well in front of Hana 1 Q, we will of course hold a ceremony. When we left Hana 1 Q, we prepared cookies and wrote letters one by one. You have to keep that promise.”

Now that you’ve adapted to the team atmosphere, it’s your turn to adapt to the basketball coach Gunadan wants.

Kim Ji-young said, “The coach said, ‘No matter who is replaced, there must be no flaws when filling the position he/she replaces.’ I think a lot because I have to keep moving together rather than focusing on the role, and I plan to adapt quickly.”

The target was not far off. I set a short-term goal in the fastest official competition, not even in the regular league. Shinhan Bank plans to participate in the Summer League Cup competition of WJBL teams to be held in Japan in July. Kim Ji-young’s goal is to ‘become a familiar person’ from an early age.

He said, “First of all, my fingers should heal quickly and return smoothly, and the goal is to show a natural appearance like the original person from the first official competition. I want to show a natural fusion like a player who played for Shinhan Bank.”

Kim Ji-young said, “Personally, when I set a goal for a number, there were many cases where I was greedy or felt burdened, so I did not want to set a goal in numbers. It comes first,” he said.

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