‘First Win Frustration’ Nevertheless, Klinsman was satisfied, “I was superior for 70 minutes”

 Coach Jurgen Klinsmann praised the players who did their best. Today, too, it is evaluated that they were not pushed at all against Uruguay.

The Korean national football team (ranked 25th in the FIFA rankings) led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann played against Uruguay (ranked 16th in the FIFA rankings) in the second leg of the March A match of the ‘Hana Bank Invitational National Football Team Friendly Match’ held at Seoul World Cup Stadium at 8:00 pm on Tuesday the 28th. ) lost 1-2.

The winner was Uruguay. This was thanks먹튀검증 to consecutive goals from Sebastian Coates and Matthias Vesino. Korea counterattacked with Hwang In-beom’s equalizing goal and shook the net twice, but was caught offside. In the end, Korea bowed its head, unable to surpass Uruguay.

After the game, coach Klinsmann attended a press conference. The first win was delayed, failing to beat Colombia (2-2 draw) and Uruguay (1-2 loss). Nonetheless, coach Klinsmann expressed satisfaction with the passion and performance of the players shown in this two-game series, and promised the following.

Q. Comparison between Colombia and Uruguay

A. Unlike the last game, we couldn’t find our tempo for the first 20 minutes of the game. The match against Colombia had a good tempo from the start, but this match was not so good and was dragged away after conceding a goal. But I think the other 70 minutes were much better.

I was really happy with the players for the past 10 days. I was looking forward to the future journey as I watched them continue to develop and grow.

Actually, I don’t feel very good. Because no one wants to lose. But I want to commend the players for their performances. In particular, the performance for 70 minutes was ‘top class’.

It was very disappointing when the second goal was canceled (for offside). I thought I could succeed until the third goal, but it was canceled and finished as if I was being chased.

Q. Evaluation of Hwang In-beom

A. I think you should use the tempo that reaches the world’s best level. We have to keep trying to match how the strong teams are doing. That’s why we played against Uruguay today.

Although the result was lost, I think the content was much better. During the first half of the last game and the 70 minutes of today’s game, we played a superior game against the South American powerhouse.

We need a player like Hwang In-beom to take the fast tempo. Of course, I knew it before and even watched the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. What I saw on the training ground and in the stadium was also outstanding. The ability to find the pass was very important to the fast tempo.

Q. Concerns about defense

A. I think it would be difficult to write the expression of concern. He conceded goals from set pieces, but it’s part of football and I’m not too worried about it. There was nothing special except for giving Valverde a threatening shot.

Kim Min-jae also defended compliantly. The midfield and wing forwards, including Hwang In-beom, also did well defensively. I wish I could move more freely in an attacking situation. It’s because they are obviously talented players. Of course, if I lose, I don’t feel very good, but I think the performance is positive.

Q. Evaluation of Cho Kyu-seong, Hwang Ui-jo, and Oh Hyun-kyu

A. All three players are excellent. It was fun to watch on the training ground and in the stadium. However, it can be different depending on the two-top and one-top, and it can be used by taking on the role of number 10.

Today, we were able to check how to use Son Heung-min when he is in front, how to breathe with wing forwards, and how to link with flanks in relation to strikers.

I think Oh Hyun-gyu will become a very good player. He is straightforward and has a hunger for goals. I look forward to seeing what the players will show in the future. The ten days we spent together were so much fun.

Q. Son Heung-min freeroll

A. Today’s attack combination showed a good look, so I didn’t bring a big change. It showed a good flow, so I tried to keep the timing rather than cutting it off. Only the ninth digit was changed, and the rest were not.

Heung-Min Son is one of the best strikers in the world. We need to find a way to get the most out of this player. It is important how to help Son Heung-min’s strengths as a team and how to grow together. For example, synergy can surely arise when young Lee Kang-in plays with Son Heung-min. Today, Lee Kang-in showed a very good performance. The only way Uruguay could stop Lee Kang-in was a foul.

It is our role to grow together like this and find a good combination of the world’s best players and young players growing together.

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