‘First team debut next season’ SK rookie Moon Ga-on “One step back to take two steps forward!”

“One step back for two steps forward.” SK rookie player Moon Ga-on defined his debut season.

Seoul SK rookie Moon Ga-on has finished his debut season full of regrets. Gaon Moon said, “If I were to define his debut season, I think I could say ‘one step back for two steps forward’. It was a season where I personally felt that it was much more intense than when I was in college.” He looked back on his first season.

Most of the rookie players who spent his debut season must have felt regret, but Gaon Moon’s regret was inevitably unique. Because he was the only one of the 10 players nominated for 1R in the 2022 KBL Rookie Draft who failed to make his first-team debut.

Moon Ga-on,카지노사이트 who went through Nambu Elementary School, Samil Middle School, Samil Commercial High School, and Chung-Ang University, was recognized for his strong defense, rebounding ability, and quick transition ability, and wore the SK uniform with the 10th rank in the first round. However, after joining him, he only played 8 games (average 3.3 points and 3.3 rebounds) in the D-League, and SK’s number 37 uniform was nowhere to be found in the first team stage.

Moon Ga-on, who can play shooting guard and small forward, had many competitors, including Choi Seong-won, Choi Won-hyuk, Oh Jae-hyeon, Heo Il-young, and Song Chang-yong. Moon Ga-on had to swallow the regret while watching the debuts of his motives in turn.

Moon Ga-on said, “There are many hyungs who are very good at the same position. Looking back on myself, I don’t think I was able to show myself worthy of being promoted to the first team while playing in the D-League. Even so, I continued to feel impatient. As we went into the second half of the round, the feeling of regret grew.”

Moon Ga-on, who had only felt the fans’ fervor and the heat of the professional stage, had already turned to the next season. He vowed to change the ‘disappointment’ of his debut season to ‘toxin’.

Moon Ga-on said, “Every time I watched the game, I could indirectly feel the support and enthusiasm of the fans. He also made a promise that he wanted to feel it on the court as soon as possible. He wants to make his debut next season, just as he set his goal for the draft, and if the opportunity arises, he will aim for the rookie of the year. I want to have a successful off-season without any injuries,” he said.

2022 Rookie Draft Round 1, 10th Rank Moon Ga-on, who has not yet emerged from the egg. Let’s see if he can make a successful debut with the title of ‘Rookie’ in his second year.

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