Finishing the fastball from KIA with a 466% increase in salary after coming to Doosan, another hot shot… “The player is said to be the main player”

“I wanted to do something since last year…”

Doosan Bears’ management team and training support staff received a ‘surprise gift’ at the Sydney camp. Sunglasses from ‘O company’ with large lenses that cover half of the face.

The main character who gave the gift was pitching team leader Hong Kun-hee (31). A considerable amount of money was spent as gifts were given to a large number of people, well over 20 people.

Hong Kun-hee, who joined the KIA Tigers in 2011, wore a Doosan uniform as a trade in 2020.

At Doosan, Hong Kun-hee’s baseball life blossomed. Hong Kun-hee, who recorded 17 holds in 2021, cracked down on the back door with 18 saves and 9 holds in 2022.

He also demonstrated extraordinary leadership with his softness. He has been in charge of Doosan’s pitching team for three consecutive years from 2021.

Hong Gun-hee said, “I’ve been at Doosan for the third year, and since last year I wanted to give something as a gift. I thought about it and the season was over, but I thought it would be nice to do something before going to this camp.”

Hong Kun-hee continued, “Everyone says that the players are the main players, but there are so many people who help. Everyone, from 카지노the bullpen catcher to the management team, is having a hard time.”

The reaction was hot. One employee thanked, “I left my sunglasses this time, but the sun was stronger than I thought. Thanks to the sunglasses that player Hong Kun-hee gave me, I was able to spend the Sydney camp without any problems.”

A power analyst also said, “Players often give gifts according to their parts, but there are not many cases where they give gifts like this to all the operation team and training support staff. I really like it and am grateful.”

This is not the first time Hong Kun-hee has shared. Even when he came down to the rehabilitation group last year with symptoms of phlegm, he presented coffee or tea to the Futures players before going up to the first team. Hong Kun-hee explained, “I also had a difficult time when I was young. I hope my juniors can also gain strength.”

Hong Gun-hee said, “Last year, everyone had a hard time finishing the season at the bottom. I don’t know how far we can go this year, but I hope everyone can rise to the top and finish the season with a smile at the end.”

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