Fighting for 3rd place on fire, one more pursuit of Woori Card without a manager?

 The battle for third place between OK Financial Group and Woori Card is fiercely unfolding.

Currently, in the V-League men’s division, OK Financial Group is running 3rd with 12 wins, 10 losses and 36 points. Woori Card, which has played one less game, is in 4th place, 4 points behind with 12 wins, 9 losses and 32 points. At the point where the ranking fight for spring volleyball continues in earnest, the competition between the two teams is emerging as the biggest point to watch in the men’s division.

On the 17th, OK Financial Group gained 3 points over KB Insurance, widening the gap from 1 point to 4 points. It is a situation where OK Financial Group has taken a breather.카지노

Woori Card will once again challenge OK Financial Group in the match against Hyundai Capital held at Jangchung Gymnasium on the 19th. If it catches Hyundai Capital, Woori Card will chase OK Financial Group again by one or two points.

In the last game, Woori Card caused a stir by catching the leading Korean Air. In the 4th round, against Korean Air, who were on a 3-game winning streak, Agamez (25 points) and Na Kyung-bok (23 points) played a big role, and even middle blocker Kim Wan-jong (13 points) helped. Kim Ji-han also scored double digits and took the lead.

Unfortunately, it is more meaningful because coach Shin Young-chul won the victory in a situation where he was absent due to the confirmation of Corona 19. Coach Shin is out of quarantine on the 20th, so he cannot participate in the match against Hyundai Capital. Until this game, coaches and players must gather strength and endure.

Opponent, Hyundai Capital, has a good atmosphere. They are on the rise with a winning streak in their last two matches. Besides, Woori Card has never beaten Hyundai Capital this season. pushed away from the opponent. It is clearly a burdensome opponent.

It is expected that the game will not be easy, but Woori Card needs to catch Hyundai Capital to gain momentum in the fight for third place. If you win here and win the match on the 22nd, it is possible to reverse the ranking. Conversely, if you lose to OK Financial Group after losing to Hyundai Capital, the difference in points can get out of hand. The next two games are more important than ever for Woori Card.

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