Federer ‘GOAT’ Eliminated? Team “Based on the number of Grand Slam victories”

2020 US Open champion Dominic Thiem (29, Austria), Roger Federer (42, Switzerland), Rafael Nadal (36, Spain), and Novak Djokovic (35, Serbia) are in the process of winning men’s tennis’ greatest player (GOAT Greatest of All Time) expressed his view that the number of wins in the four major Grand Slams is the most important in relation to the debate.

Tim revealed this in a recent interview with Croatian media Nova TV.

“In my opinion, the Grand Slam title should be the decisive criterion when determining the greatest player of all time,” he said. “The Grand Slam 안전놀이터is the four most important tournaments in tennis.”

“Everything else is fine, but the Grand Slam is different. Because it’s the Grand Slam that counts, GOAT is probably the player with the most Grand Slam victories.”

According to his criteria, among the so-called ‘big three’, Federer is eliminated from the GOAT competition. Federer dominated men’s tennis from the early to mid-2000s to the mid-2010s. Many tennis fans regard his graceful form as a textbook. He is also the most popular of the three. But Federer’s Grand Slam titles are 20, trailing only Nadal and Djokovic with 22 each.

The Big 3 have dominated the four major tournaments (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open) for the past 19 years. The Big 3 won 63 of the 76 Grand Slam titles during this period. The team faced Nadal and Djokovic in a total of 10 major tournaments, including 3 finals, and lost 7 times.

Meanwhile, the team said they were impressed by Djokovic, who won the Australian Open this year.
“Djokovic still looks young. Both physically and formally, it’s because of the way he moves on the court. He looks like he is 25.”
“To be honest, he’s the best, so his win isn’t surprising at all.”

The team, which had fallen into a deep recession after winning their first Grand Slam, was confident that they would be able to stand on top again.

“I still believe (that I can return to normal). We haven’t reached that level yet, but there are reasons to keep playing, stay competitive and get back to that level.”

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