‘EPL aspiring’ Juve MF, “My dream was to be a Gerrard, Liverpool fan”

Adrien Rabiot showed his affection for Liverpool.

Rabiot, who turned 27 this year, made his professional debut in 2012 after going through the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) youth step by step. Rabiot, who gained experience while on loan at Toulouse in 2013, returned to PSG’s starting lineup. Since then, he has been playing for Juventus since 2019.

Ravio, who boasts a vigorous activity, can 메이저사이트digest a box-to-box midfielder, a central midfielder, or even a defensive midfielder in case of emergency. He is also adept at scoring goals through split-second penetrations of the penalty box.

He has been playing for Juventus for over three years, and now his contract period is running towards its end. Rabiot has a contract with Juventus until June, after which he becomes a free agent (FA). And since he has less than six months left, negotiations with other clubs are possible from now on.

In particular, he was connected with English Premier League (EPL) clubs. When he moved to PSG, Liverpool showed interest, and they were interested again. In 2019, manager Jurgen Klopp actually showed interest in Rabiot and even pushed for a transfer. However, the transfer failed, and Rabiot eventually chose to go to Juventus.

Last year, Rabiot showed his aspirations in reverse. As the British media ‘Telegraph’ reported, “Juventus’ Adrian Rabiot is interested in moving to Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham this summer and has already communicated his desire to advance to the Premier League to Juventus.” it is transmitted

This time, he revealed his aspirations for Liverpool. Rabiot recently told the Italian media ‘Tuto Sport’, “I love Liverpool because I was a fan of Steven Gerrard. He is the main character who made my dream. And I have been supporting Liverpool steadily.”

He was openly eager to move to Liverpool. Rabio’s contract expires in June, but he has not yet signed a new contract. Attention is drawn to the future of Rabiot, who wants to advance to the Premier League.

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