“Edman and Kim Ha-seong…” Big League Keystone Combination official “A player who will be of great help to Ball-Su-Ju, I will work hard to help”

Active major leaguer keystone combination that raises expectations. Tommy Edman (St. Louis) and Kim Ha-seong (San Diego), who joined the national team, are versatile and versatile players.

The two talented players work together to keep the center of the infield. It is expected to be one of the biggest strengths of the national team across the ball and defense.

The coach of the WBC national team, Lee Kang-cheol, also made it a foregone conclusion that the Edmon-Kim Ha-sung Keystone combination would play out in the most important game.

At a press conference following the WBC national team’s first convocation orientation held at Hotel Rivera on the 16th, coach Lee said, “We are in contact with Edmund on the technical committee, but the timing of joining the national team is undecided.” Since I was a player together, it would be okay to perform keystone play even if I joined a little late. 바카라

It is not easy for Edmund, who camps with a major league team, to join the Korean national team early.

There may not be enough time to get your hands together. It is a situation that requires a big leaguer-like experience and a sense of communication that can be seen just by looking at the eyes. The right person is, of course, Kim Ha-seong.

Ha-seong Kim was not too worried.

He said, “I think I will have to talk a lot with Edmon. It’s a short time, but baseball is the same anyway. As long as you do what you do, there will be no big problem because it’s already decided play. I will work hard to help you adapt.” “Edmon is a player who can play offense, defense, and week. Besides, he is a switch hitter, so he will help the team a lot in offense. He praised him as a player who will be of great help to our national team in many ways.”

Two players of similar type. In fact, those words are praise applied to Kim Ha-seong himself. As such, the selection of Edmon and Ha-seong Kim can give the team the effect of one person picking 2-3 people.

Regarding the match against the Japanese national team, which boasts the strongest power in history, Kim Ha-seong said, “Baseball is where the last place wins the first place and the first place loses to the last place. I will do my best,” he said. At the center of that is the Kim Ha-sung-Edman fantasy combination.

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