Eagle confrontation between ‘Korean long hit kings’, keep Jeong Chan-min in the lead

Korea’s representative long hitters gathered together to compete against each other in the white tee. “Korean Hulk” Chan-Min Jeong held the lead even in the middle of the game, which stretched to the 12th hole.

In the Hong In-gyu Golf TV, which was uploaded on the 12th, Korea’s representative long hitters such as ‘Korean Hulk’ Chan-min Jeong, ‘Original Long Hit King’ Kim Hong-taek, and ‘Rookie Long Hit King’ Choi Seung-bin appeared in an eagle showdown. On this day, the confrontation resumed from the 7th hole following the first half of the game. In the first half of the match, Jeong Chan-min took 1st place with 6 points, Choi Seung-bin (2 points) and Kim Hong-taek (1 point) were 2nd and 3rd.

In the 7th hole (par 4), Jeong Chan-min widened the score gap and ran away. With a strong tailwind blowing, the tee shot landed in the rough, recording a cool flight distance of 340m. After that, he succeeded in birdie, a fantastic chip, and scored 1 point. On the other hand, Choi Seung-bin and Kim Hong-taek both failed to score as the ball fell into the bunker.

In the 8th hole (par 4), no one scored as mistakes continued one after another. Choi Seung-bin struggled as his tee shot fell into the rough, and Kim Hong-taek missed a crucial opportunity when his approach ball got caught in the fringe. Jeong Chan-min also had a hard time being blocked by the strong headwind.

In the 9th hole (par 5), Kim Hong-taek, who was sluggish, went out. The initial flow was not good, with the tee shot falling into the bunker and the second shot getting caught in the fringe, but the third shot with a 6-iron landed close to the pin and the flow reversed. After that, he made a clean birdie putt and scored 1 point. With a total of 2 안전놀이터points in the middle, he was tied for second place with Choi Seung-bin. On the other hand, Jeong Chan-min, the leader, failed to score as his second shot from 180m in front of the hole was blown over the hole due to the influence of wind and slice. Choi Seung-bin also recorded a par after his tee shot fell into a bunker.

In the 10th hole (par 4), Kim Hong-taek’s struggle continued. The tee shot flew to the fairway 52m away from the pin, and after that, he succeeded in sticking the ball close to the pin with a chip-in shot. With a successful birdie putt, he rose to second place alone with a total of 3 points in the middle. On the other hand, Jung Chan-min missed the opportunity as his third shot hit the ground, and Choi Seung-bin’s second shot in front of the pin 58m went short and failed to birdie.

In the 11th hole (par 4) and 12th hole (par 3), Jung Chan-min and Choi Seung-bin added 1 point each. Jeong Chan-min showed off a delicate bunker shot, put the ball right in front of the pin, and immediately made a birdie putt. Choi Seung-bin took a birdie opportunity as the ball flew 123m from the tee and landed 16cm next to the pin.

The matchup, which went all the way to the 12th hole, ended with Jeong Chan-min leading with 8 points, while Choi Seung-bin and Kim Hong-taek tied for second place with 3 points. The final winner of the Eagle Confrontation of Korean Long Hitters can be confirmed on Hong In-gyu TV on the 17th.

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