“Do you want to come to your senses if all the star players leave?”… Fans condemn the La Liga salary cap rules

 Fans voiced criticism against La Liga’s unreasonable salary cap regulations.

Recently, Barcelona attempted to enroll youngster Pablo Gaby in the first team, but it failed because the La Liga side refused.

Barcelona signed a new contract with Gaby in September of last year, and judged that there was no problem with La Liga’s salary cap regulations (salary cap system).

Also, because Gerard Pique and Memphis Depay left the team, it was also a situation where there was room for the salary cap of the players.

However, a problem arose when La Liga revised its rules in November last year.

According to The Athletic of England on the 26th (Korean time), La Liga has revised its long-term financial plan submission and ban on economic levers.

As a result, all clubs in La Liga, including Barcelona, ​​must submit financial plans for the next two seasons, and the lever to temporarily raise cash by selling assets that generate recurring income is not allowed.

Also, La Liga is calculating that Barcelona will exceed the salary cap again this summer, and it has been judged that there will not be a salary cut to match the excess.

Barcelona, ​​which tried to pull the lever through the sale of club licenses and merchandising rights (BLM) as it did last summer, changed its course to consider selling Barcelona TV instead of selling BLM due to a change in the salary cap rule in La Liga. 스포츠토토

Fans’ reaction to this is that the absolute majority is La Liga’s fault.

In the comments of an article reported by The Athletic, fans said, “Barcelona has problems too, but La Liga continues to change the rules arbitrarily is like pointing a gun at itself”, “Barcelona is not the only one in trouble. Sevilla, Valencia, etc. are the same”, They expressed their negative stance on La Liga, such as “Would superstars and talents have to leave the league to come to their senses?”

Also, “In this situation, La Liga viewership will decrease”, “If La Liga rules are introduced into the Premier League, only 6 teams will survive”, “La Liga’s foolish decision,” he responded.

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