Director Park Dong-hyeok, a multi-talented multi-talented leader, “I feel like I have grown as much as I have been under stress”

“I am proud to have grown quickly in a short period of time while taking on many tasks.”

Coach Park Dong-hyeok (44) of Chungnam Asan, the 2nd division professional football team, who is regarded as a leader with strong pride and flexible thinking, became a “multi-use type” coach while working for a club that lacked finances. Director Park said in Seogwipo, Jeju, during training on the 14th, “I had to do various jobs while working in Asan for over six years since the predecessor of Asan Mugunghwa.”

Asan spent 1.8 billion won on the annual salary of the players in 2022. It is the lowest level in the second division, similar to the new club Gimpo FC. In order to find players without transfer fees and bring in players on loan, coach Park worked with the coaches to do what other clubs do at the front desk, such as scouting, negotiating with other clubs, and signing salary agreements with players. Even so, coach Park has achieved good results against the budget and has become a versatile leader with high cost performance, such as producing players who can make money. 먹튀검증

■ “It’s fun to take care of and grow, but… ”

Asan recently sent Yoo Kang-hyun, the top scorer in the second division last year (19 goals), to Daejeon. Kim In-gyun, who won the 2021 Young Player Award, also left the team last year. Coach Park said, “Both players couldn’t find a place in their previous teams, but they came to Asan and were recognized for their skills.” Coach Park raised the ranking from the bottom in 2020 to 8th in 2021 and 6th in 2022 without a single foreign player. Coach Park said, “It is the destiny of a matchmaker to achieve good results even when the environment is not good.” You need to finish in the top 5 to go to the playoffs.

Since I was running a team with an insufficient budget, I took on many tasks. Coach Park said, “I feel tired and sorry because I keep saying sorry to other clubs and other coaches,” and said, “I feel like I have grown greatly as a leader in a short period of time.” A football manager is called a manager in Europe. He is recognized as a position where he has to maintain good relations with a wide variety of people around him, including players, staff, scouts, fans, agents, referees, associations, professional federations, media, and sponsors. Coach Park said, “Starting this year, the club will take over some of the things the coaching staff has been doing, and the team’s budget has increased a little.”

■“A manly soccer that tries everything”

Coach Park prefers forward pressure, quick switching between offense and defense, and strong physical fights. Coach Park said, “I repeatedly emphasize that team play must be done with sincerity and show one’s own strengths.” Coach Park emphasized, “In order for the players to display their skills to the fullest, the mind must first be comfortable.” Coach Park is giving most of the opportunities to play to players who first come to the coach and appeal to him, saying that they have the confidence to show good skills.

Coach Park watched Brazil intensively at the Qatar World Cup. He was attractive not only for his outstanding personal skills, but also for his close organizational skills. Coach Park said, “Brazil is good at team play, but also demonstrates their individual strengths to the fullest.” Coach Park threw a big win this year. He simultaneously recruited 4th Division Scorer Park Dae-hoon in 2022 and Lee Chang-hoon, also 4th Division Scorer King in 2021. In addition, Duarte, a Brazilian striker who played in Ansan, was brought in, and efforts are being made to recruit another large striker. Coach Park pledged, “This year, I will show results that Asan has become a team that has grown to the next level.”

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