DB, who lost all 6 matches in February, can they counterattack in March?

Professional basketball Wonju DB finished the month of February with a total loss of 6 matches.

DB didn’t win a single game in the six games they played in February. Coach Lee Sang-beom stepped down during the season, and DB, which was led by acting manager Kim Joo-seong, cruised with 5 wins and 2 losses under the acting manager Kim Joo-seong in January.

However, March came amidst sluggishness in the 6 matches in February.

Fortunately, 6th place Jeonju KCC (19-24) and 7th place Suwon kt (18-25), who competed in the round of 6, did not escape, so the hope of 8th place DB (먹튀검증16-26) to advance to the round of 6 was revived. there is.

KCC recently won two consecutive victories, but it was sluggish with 1 win and 9 losses in 10 games before that. Also, kt only recorded 2 wins and 5 losses in February.

First of all, DB deserves hope for a rebound in March.

This is because guard Doo Gyeong-min, who had never played since 2023 due to a knee injury, returned to the game against KCC on the 25th, and big man Kang Sang-jae also returned before KCC on the 25th after overcoming a calf injury.

SPOTV commentator Shin Ki-seong said, “After acting manager Kim Joo-seong took charge of the team, he changed tactics and player selection and got on a good trend.” “Go pointed out the reason for DB’s 6 consecutive losses.

In particular, he pointed out that “the inferiority compared to other teams in the foreign player category was remarkable.”

DB, which is preparing to replace the sluggish Malcolm Thomas, can make the competition for 6th place at the end of the season even hotter if the new foreign player plays a vital role.

DB is scheduled to face off against kt, a team competing in the semifinals this week, on March 1st, and on March 4th, against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, which is chasing in 9th place.

Changwon LG and Ulsan Hyundai Mobis, who are running second and third, will face off in Ulsan on March 2nd.

LG coach Cho Sang-hyun and Hyundai Mobis coach Cho Dong-hyun’s ‘twin brother showdown’ are tight against each other with 2 wins and 2 losses in the regular season this season.

It was a game that could not be conceded even more because there was even a competition for second place, which could go directly to the semifinal playoffs.

Seoul SK and Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation will participate in the East Asian Super League, which will be held in Japan for five days from March 1st.

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