‘Controversy over appointment of Lee Seung-woo’ Jeong In-deok scored 14 points, and LG coach Cho Sang-hyun was right. LG, gas corporation 108 to 102 win, solo 2nd run

 Daegu Korea Gas Corporation Pegasus and Changwon LG Sakers rotate actively this season, but the results themselves are different.

LG, which has a solid main lineup, even formed a strong second unit. Along with the main lineup centered on Lee Jae-do, Yoon Won-sang, Asem Marey, and Jung Hee-jae, the second unit centered on Lee Kwan-hee, Kim Jun-il, and Dante Cunningham coexisted, raising unexpected results.

They are racing for 2nd place in the regular season.

Korea Gas Corporation is centered on Lee Dae-seong and Lee Dae-heon, but the rest of the players are highly variable. Belrangel Lee Won-dae is competing, and Murphy Holloway is also a 1-option foreign player, but he is allocating playing time with substitute foreign player Devon Scott.

If LG goes into the game with a clear plan, KOGAS is dizzy. On this day, Wondae Lee instead of Belrangel and Scott instead of Holloway were the starting members.

The good thing is that the objective performance is not bad, centering on the 4th round MVP Lee Dae-seong. However, there are problems in cohesion and detailed defense in the match. They couldn’t overcome this hurdle and lost the last 5 games in a row.

With similar formations, simple attack routes, and slow transitions in every game, the performance rarely rises.

The first half was similar. For KOGAS, Holloway, Scott, and Lee Dae-sung all achieved double-digit scores. He showed very good productivity with a 56% 2-point team field goal rate. 100% success rate on 11 free throw attempts.

The second half was also a close match. The problem was the performance in the second half where the physical burden was increased.

In the third quarter, Lee Gwan-hee’s Rolex watch began to work properly. A clean 3-store after Marey’s screen. Afterwards, a 2-2 pass by a splendid spin move, Marey scored under the goal. However, Gas Corporation also scored Scott’s 3토토사이트points with a pass by Lee Dae-sung’s penetration under the goal. LG’s defense has become stronger. On the other hand, the activity of KOGAS has gradually dulled. In the transition game, LG succeeded in all 4 free throws Marey got as a foul. In the end, 82-74, LG’s lead by 8 points.

While LG pursued persistently at the point where Gas Corporation ran away, Gas Corporation could not continue the last-minute chase in the 3rd quarter. The scene where the Achilles’ heel of KOGAS was clearly revealed.

LG’s 5-point lead. 4th Quarter Last minute match. Lee Dae-sung’s mistake led to a quick attack by LG Transition. 7 points. Lee Dae-heon’s success as a mid jumper followed by Lee Kwan-hee’s mistakes. With 2 minutes and 29 seconds left in the game, Lee Dae-sung’s outer cannon exploded. Marey’s quick dunk at this time. 5 points again.

Jeong Hyo-geun’s mistake. In LG, Jeong In-deok again scored 3 points in an open chance. 101-93, LG lead by 8 points with 1 minute and 34 seconds left in the game.

The match, the gas corporation openly revealed two mistakes and loopholes in the outer defense. Although KOGAS has good objective power, it was the reason why it kept losing. Overall team chemistry is still not good. Gas Corporation relentlessly pursued with Jeong Hyo-geun’s 3 stores, but in the end it failed to achieve a reversal.

In the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball regular league away game held at Daegu Indoor Gymnasium on the 8th, LG led South Korea with Asem Marey (27 points, 10 rebounds) dominating under the goal and Jeong In-deok (14 points, 4 3-point shots) in a surprise performance. Gas Corporation was defeated 108 to 102. Jeong In-deok was listed as a first-team entry in place of Lee Seung-woo, who made a surprise appearance at the beginning of the season. He responded to the trust of the coaching staff with his performance that day. LG, which recorded 25 wins and 14 losses, widened the gap to 3rd place Hyundai Mobis to 2 games and ran alone to 2nd place, while KOGAS ran for 6 consecutive losses. With 13 wins and 25 losses, the ride with 6th place KCC widened by 4.5 games.

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