Construction of sports facilities in Naepo New Town, Chungcheongnam-do, delayed one after another

The construction of sports facilities in Naepo New Town, Chungcheongnam-do is being delayed one after another.

According to Chungcheongnam-do and Yesan-gun on the 23rd, the completion rate of the construction of a 9-hole (382,455㎡) public golf course in Mok-ri, Sapgyo-eup is only 6%.

It is said that the construction has been sluggish as the project operator had problems in financing the project (PF).

Initially, the developer planned to hold a trial round in the fall of last year and complete most of the civil works by the end of the year. 안전놀이터

Due to the delay in the construction, the project period was extended by six months until June.

An official from the construction company said, “We had difficulties in raising funds in the aftermath of the Legoland incident, but now everything has been resolved. If administrative procedures are carried out quickly, construction can resume in earnest from next month.” We will do a test round and try to open the door in the fall.”

The opening of the Chungnam Sports Center with a swimming pool and multipurpose gym has also been postponed until next year.

It was scheduled to open in the second half of this year, but with the current completion rate of 40%, Chungcheongnam-do predicted that it could open around June next year.

Do explained that there were setbacks in the construction due to difficulties in supplying materials due to rising prices and strikes by the cargo union.

Due to the design change, the total project cost increased by 2.1 billion won from 49.5 billion won to 51.6 billion won, and it was also subjected to a feasibility study by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security.

A provincial official said, “The opening is not delayed because of the feasibility study.

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