‘Club slander?’ Professional basketball suppressing box office factors

One of the success factors in sports is the rivalry. While there is competition in good faith, there are also rivals where the expression ‘angsuk’ is appropriate.

In the 2022-2023 season, professional basketball also has a new rival. It is a match between Carrot and KGC called ‘Kim Seung-gi Derby’안전놀이터.

Director Kim Seung-gi directed KGC for 7 years. He is the commander who led KGC’s heyday, including one unified championship and one championship match victory. Coach Kim Seung-gi left for Carrot, and Jeon Seong-hyun, who grew up as KBL’s top shooter, also wore a Carrot uniform as a free agent. This is a common rivalry that can be seen so far.

However, there is a reason why it is called ‘Kim Seung-gi Derby’.

Director Kim Seung-gi, after visiting Anyang for the first time as the Carrot command tower in October of last year, expressed regret, saying, “I was cut and left. After I was cut, KGC seems to be investing a lot. The expression ‘Derby’ followed.

A new issue has arisen in professional basketball, which has been a bit quiet. Gyeonggi-do was fierce. Carrot struggled to win the 4th matchup, but pressured the leader KGC every game. It has become a new factor in the success of professional basketball.

Recently, director Kim Seung-gi mentioned KGC once again.

Carrot’s wage payments were delayed twice due to financial difficulties at the parent company. Moreover, the sale is being pursued less than a year after the acquisition of Orion. In response, coach Kim Seung-gi said, “I think I learned well about caring (at KGC) before the match against kt on the 10th. I’m running the team while reducing everything I learned then. I’m really grateful.”

After director Kim Seung-gi’s remarks were published, KGC sent an official letter to KBL to request a finance committee meeting. KBL also held a Finance Committee on the 14th and deliberated on coach Kim Seung-gi’s remarks.

Of course, from the perspective of KGC, it may be felt as a slander against the club. However, it is doubtful whether the remarks are enough to request the Finance Committee. KBL also issued a warning to manager Kim Seung-gi. This means that if a similar situation occurs in the future, it may lead to disciplinary actions such as fines rather than warnings.

In the NBA, slanderous remarks often come out between the club and the players. Even the commentators participate in the so-called diss battle. We punish slander that goes beyond freedom of expression, such as racial discrimination, but it does not prevent us from creating various stories.

For the success of professional basketball, of course, the best performance comes first. However, various stories are also needed along with it. This kind of dissension could create a more interesting rivalry than a forced derby.

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