Boos from home fans… ‘A batting average of 0.185’, a man with 264.4 billion people, “I’m sure I would too”

Minnesota Twins home fans booed a Minnesota player. After the game, the person who was booed said, “I fully understand the behavior of the fans.” What happened?

On the 10th 스포츠토토(Korean time), Correa started as the second hitter shortstop against the San Diego Padres in the ‘2023 Major League Baseball’ held at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

On this day, Correa recorded no hits in 5 at bats and struck out two. In addition to that, he did not exert much effort as he retired with a floating ball to first baseman from second out, first and second base at the end of the third inning, a swing strikeout at second out and first and second base at the end of the seventh inning, and a ground ball to second baseman at second out and second base at the end of the ninth inning. Only Corea had 6 bases at bat, and the team lost 1-6 and fell into a 3-game losing streak.

This season, Correa signed a six-year, $200 million (approximately 264.4 billion won) free agent (free agent) contract to remain in Minnesota. Due to injury history, the super-large contracts of 13 years, 350 million dollars (approximately 435.3 billion won) with the San Francisco Giants and 315 million dollars (approximately 391.8 billion won) with the New York Mets in 12 years were canceled, but the first free agent seal of his life at an insignificant amount took a picture

He was rated as a WIN-WIN contract for both the team and player. Minnesota recaptured Correa, who was the team’s infield commander last year, and Correa obtained a free agent contract while clearing the negative eye on his injury history.

However, at the beginning of the season, a strange current is flowing. Corea, who believed, was sluggish. As of the 10th, Correa is sluggish with a batting average of 0.185 (23 hits in 124 bats), 5 homers, 12 RBIs, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.624 in 32 games as of the 10th. This is a number that does not match his career batting average of 0.276 (956 hits in 3470 at-bats) and slugging percentage of 0.475.

When Correa, who won a huge contract, was sluggish, the home fans did not sit still. He poured out booing that reprimanded him. And Correa said he fully understands the behavior of the fans.

In an interview with, the official website of Major League Baseball after the game, Correa said, “I want to boo (me) because I’m getting a lot of money, but I’m (not) playing like this.” Also, my work is not finished. If I believe in the process every day and practice, the results will come out.”

Correa, who was stagnant with a batting average in the early 20% range in April, recorded a batting average in the early 100% range in May. The team is also having a hard time, winning only 2 out of 7 games in May.

A large free agent who needs to make a flashing difference when the team is sluggish. I wonder if Correa will be able to bounce back by being stimulated by the booing of home fans.

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