Arsenal FC’s Pele score has already won ’50 points’

front of 60,325 home fans, the incredible Pele Score Theater winning goal was confirmed after VAR reading. Arsenal FC’s desire for the championship trophy was hotter than ever, as they had already won 50 points while going around the halfway point of the long race of the season. At the time of achieving the feat of winning the 2003-04 season undefeated (26 wins, 12 draws), the points were 90 points, so they are already adding more amazing history. 

Arsenal FC, led by coach Mikel Arteta, won a thrilling 3-2 Pele score victory in a home game against Manchester United in the 2022-23 English Premier League at the Emirates Stadium in London on the 23rd (Mon) at 1:30 am Korean time. After winning 50 points (16 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss, 45 points and 16 conceded points), they ran at the top of the league.

Arsenal, who recently won a delightful North London derby match-away game against Tottenham Hotspur, have sent their expected starting members. That’s proof that the flexible 4-3-3 formation coach Arteta is showing enough competitiveness.

However, the goal was scored by the away team, Manchester United, first. 17 minutes after the start of the game, Marcus Rashford’s lightning-like mid-range shot was sucked into the left corner of the home team’s goal. It was a cool moment to fully confirm that Marcus Rashford’s form, which recently boasted a record of consecutive goals, reached its peak.

Arsenal’s equalizer came in the 7th minute, so it was clear that this game would never end soberly. The connection between Zinchenko and Odegaard in the midfield was unusual, and the ball that went out to the left was crossed by Granit Xhaka’s precise cross. At this moment, Nketia, who was hiding behind Manchester United fullback Wan-Bissaka, burst out and scored a header.

Considering the amazing game result, you can feel that Eddie Nketia’s goal sense was different from this goal. An interesting trend that has been rare lately has been filmed as a drama with a twist in the second half. 

In the 53rd minute, another amazing long-range goal was scored. Bukayo Saka, who received a short pass from Tomiyas from outside the right corner of Manchester United’s penalty area, evaded Eriksen with his flexible dribbling skills and fired a low-lying left-footed mid-range shot from an unexpected angle. From the point of view of the goalkeeper, it seemed so close that it was debated which goal was more difficult to block: Rashford’s right-footed mid-range shot in the first half and Saka’s left-footed mid-range shot in the second half.

Just as the first half equalizer came in 7 minutes, the second half equalizer came in just 6 minutes. In the 59th minute, Manchester United’s left corner kick set-piece opportunity, home team goalkeeper Ramsdale’s glove hit the ball awkwardly, and Lisandro Martinez succeeded it with a dashing diving header. Magallyang, who was walking backwards to the goal line, tried to kick it with his head, but it was useless. 카지노사이트

And 30 minutes later, the final goal in the theater was recorded as Pele’s score, so all the spectators of more than 60,000 had no choice but to stand up. It was the 90th minute when substitute Leandro Trossar, who became Arsenal’s new family, shined. The timing of his pass to the left side was effective, and Odegaard, who received Zinchenko’s cut-back cross, attempted a left-footed shot, but the ball flew vaguely toward the goal after hitting Manchester United midfielder Fred’s foot, who was trying to block it with a sliding tackle.

At this moment, Eddie Nketia’s thrilling right-footed winning goal made all football fans doubt their eyes. It was different from the posture of lowering the center of gravity, and the sharp kick entered as if shaving the surface of the ball. It was such an exquisite touch that it was difficult to tell whether it was Taekwondo’s kicking technique or the kicking technique of Ace, who was in charge of finishing off the foot volleyball attack. 

United defenders claimed Nketia for offside, but the VAR system correctly read Nketia’s position behind United full-back Wan-Bissaka. This is how Arsenal FC’s 50-point victory came out.

Now, leaders Arsenal FC will visit Goodison Park to meet Everton FC (19th), who are in the relegation zone, on Saturday, the 4th of next month, and 4th-ranked Manchester United will bring 12th-ranked Crystal Palace to Old Trafford the next day.

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